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Graduation Requirements for Master of Divinity & Master of Science in Social Work  (M.Div & M.S.S.W.)

For dual degree candidates combining studies for the M.Div. with studies for the M.S. in Social Work, the M.Div. requirements are modified only as follows:

    • The candidate must complete the regular core course requirements of the M.Div. program. (36 pts)
    • The field education requirement is reduced to two points, to be earned in a seminar connecting the student's field work in the social work program with the candidate's theological studies: CS 331 Concurrent Integrative Seminar. CS 331 is usually taken in the third or fourth year.
    • The electives requirement is reduced to 21 points, in recognition of the 45 points of work required by the School of Social Work. The 21 elective points, along with the Social Work courses, will constitute the Ministry and Social Work program focus.
    • There is no thesis requirement.
    • A candidate in this special program may not enroll for R credit in courses taken at the Seminary to meet the M.Div. requirements.
    • The candidate will be subject to four semesters of full-time tuition (i.e., four full tuition units) at the Seminary, instead of the usual six required for the regular M.Div. program. The candidate is required, however, to register at the Seminary in every term he or she is registered as a candidate in the School of Social Work.

Please visit the list of M.Div. requirements and visit the Columbia University School of Social Work website for the M.S.S.W. requirements.

Download Degree Planner for Master of Divinity & Master of Science in Social Work Degrees.


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