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The IFE Office recruits field placements across a broad spectrum of ministries. There are over 100 field sites open to Union’s M.Div. students. Because of the varied interests and goals of the prospective student interns, the field site list covers a wide range of placements which may include: churches and faith communities of various denominations and affiliations; social service agencies; community-based non-profits; clinical settings, such as hospitals, hospices, and independent living facilities; prisons and incarceration programs; public and private academic institutions; special projects and task forces; denominational agencies and judicatories; and many other kinds of entities. If a student is unable to meet her/his vocational needs with our existing partner sites, she/he may seek out and propose a field site for Senior Director’s approval.

Field Site Requirements

The field site must have a basic understanding of the philosophy, goals and objectives of Union's Integrative and Field-Based Education Program. The field site must see itself as a teaching-learning opportunity and partner, where both the student and the field site community can learn and share knowledge about the work of the field site in its broadest sense. The student is not to be viewed as “extra" or "cheap" labor.

In the application, the field site must provide a written description of its mission, constituents/membership, and examples of possible student assignments, as well as other opportunities for student learning.

The field site must be able to provide the necessary space and facilities for the student intern. This would include privacy for interviewing, a desk, file space, and administrative assistance if needed.

The field site must be able to designate an appropriate supervisor for the student intern. A copy of the supervisor's resumé or vitae should be submitted with the application.

The field site supervisor must be willing to participate in the Orientation and Training required for all supervisors, and any other required continuing education opportunities offered by the Office of IFE. Such opportunities are generally offered no more than two times during the academic year at the Seminary.

The field site must commit to submitting timely documents for the evaluation of the student intern at the end of each academic semester.

The field site should submit copies of any required documents pertinent to policies regarding non-discrimination, professional conduct, incorporation status, site's liability insurance and workers compensation, and any other documents deemed necessary by the Office of IFE.

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