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Honor Roll

Tower Associates

$500,000 and Above

 John H. Fish 1958


Elizabeth L. Carl 1990

Anne Hale Johnson 1956

Estate of Jane L. Faust

Emily Nielsen Jones

Helen LaKelly Hunt 2003

Helmar Nielsen

Harville Hendrix 1961

Chang Kuk Park

The Henry Luce Foundation, Inc.

John Sweetland


Armour-Lewis Family Foundation

David H. McAlpin, Jr. 1953 and Sally D. McAlpin

David J. Callard 1967 and Mary R. Morgan

Public Interest Projects, Inc.

Estate of Edna R. Currie

The Sister Fund

The Ford Foundation

Stiftung Bonhoeffer-Lehrstuhl


Francis Asbury Palmer Fund

One World Fund

Blake T. Franklin 1988 and Thomas Getgood

Susan K. Reed

Hagedorn Fund

Raymond L. Whitehead 1960

Gina Giumarra MacArthur


Founders' Associates


Andy Warhol Foundation

Calvin M. Mew 1973 and Mary F. Crawford

Arthur Williams Charitable Trust

Estate of Edith Dent Moore

Wolcott B. Dunham, Jr. and Joan Findlay Dunham

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Reiland

Catherine M. George

James C. Russ 1966

Michael J. Johnston

James S. Sligar and Diana M. Sattelberger

Laurance S. Rockefeller Fund

Three Anonymous Donors

Timothy Light 1965



Abbott Fund Matching Grant Plan

Peter R. Kellogg

ASG Foundation

MacArthur Family Charitable Foundation

Estate of Ruth M. Barber

Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation

Collegiate Church Corporation

Virginia H. Richards 1951

The Commonwealth Institute

Estate of Paula B. Trefz

Institute of International Education

Catherine C. Wakelyn

Serene Jones

Marian M. Warden 1998

Union Associates

C. Douglas Ades 1969 and Elzbieta Dec David M. McAlpin
John M. Ankele 1967 Robert A. Milanese
Kendall C. Baker 1964 and Sonia E. Baker Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Louisville, KY
Estate of Harry A. Bliss The Rudolph Roell Living Trust
Michele Cameron Donald W. Shriver, Jr. and Peggy Leu Shriver
Community Health Systems Foundation Christopher H. Strayhorn 1983
Anne Gartner H. Mitchell Watson, Jr. and Kate Watson 
Nancy Steeger Jennings 1995 John C. B. Webster 1960 and Penny Lee Stearns Webster
John D. and Lillian P. Maguire David O. Woodyard 1958 and Joanne A. Woodyard
Craig C. Malbon 2010  

Helen F. Andrew 1964

G. Evan Miracle 1996

The Brick Presbyterian Church, New York, NY

Karen M. Peters 1995

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Ronald E. Phillips

Rosamond A. Dean

Mary C. Ragan

First Presbyterian Church, New Canaan, CT

Mr. and Mrs. Keith L. Reinhard

Emily C. Hewitt 1969

Steven C. Rockefeller 1963

Marybelle B. Hollister 1991

Petero A.N. Sabune 1981 

International Business Machines Corporation

Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, Marylhurst, OR

James M. Johnson

St. James' Episcopal Church, New York, NY

Thomas S. and Ann W. Johnson

James H. Stentzel 1968 and Catherine F. Stentzel

The Johnson Family Fund of the Ayco Charitable Foundation

Anthony J. Tambasco 1979

Robert P. Keller

The Charles T. and Marion M. Thompson Foundation

Joan Magnetti 1972

Arthur E. and Katharine R. Trotman

Elizabeth G. Maitland Trust

The Darla Dee Turlington Charitable Foundation

Marble Collegiate Church, New York, NY

Darla Dee Turlington 1979 and R. Donald Turlington

Estate of Charles E. and Helen H. Mason

Susan L. Walling

Joan R. McAlpin Charitable Lead Trust

Wendy J. Wildung

Joseph H. McCann III and Jane Louise Olenchuk

Two Anonymous Donors

James H. Miller 1961 and Margaret C. Miller 1966


President's Associates

Charles A. Amstein 1962 Marian M. Logan 1956
Dorothy C. Bass 1972 Edward L. Long, Jr. 1948
David and Vickie Batzka Donor Advised Fund Kathleen Ludwig
Ellouise Skinner Beatty 1952 Michael B. Lukens 1962
William E. Bell 1974 Barbara K. Lundblad
Estate of Katherine Ramsay Blyth Mary Rose Main
Richard A. Bollinger 1958 Ann Mallouk
Michael Gerard Bourgeois 1995 and Marilyn J. Legge 1984 Paul Marion 1952+ and Kathryn Marion
David L. Bourns 1966 and Ruth W. Bourns 1964 Carol E. Matheis-Kraft
Lindsay Boyer 2001 Dawn McGuire 1982
Jo Ana Elise Brown 1989 Constance C. Coles 1970 and William B. McKeown 1971
Lora Lee Brown 1965 Christopher L. Morse 1968
Christ's Church, Rye, NY Thomas N. Mozley III 1972
Lynda S. Clements 1974 David T. Nakagawa 1957 and Melahn Murphy
Philip Clover and Denise Clover Virginia S. Pacala
David D. Coffin Su Yon Pak 1999 and Kathleen T. Talvacchia 1992
Carolyn B. Cohen 1998 and Constance M. Baugh 1976 Paoli Medical Eye Care, P.C.
Joanne C. Meerse 1971 Gloria Paoli 2012
Frederick A. Davie John A. Pecoul, Jr. 1964 and Ellen Rasche Pecoul
Jeffrey Davis Daniel E. Pellegrom 1969 and Sara S. Pellegrom 1968
Robert G. Davis 1947 Rebecca Todd Peters 1996 and Jeffrey Charles Hatcher
Lindley G. DeGarmo 1999 Thomas J. Philipp 1962
Sabrina S. Donahue William J. Phillips 1972
Carl N. Edwards 1960 William M. Polk 1966 and LuAnn S. Polk 1966
Marvin M. Ellison, Jr. 1979 Michael T. Price 1964
Isabelle P. Emerson 1968 Paul H. Randall 1962 and Margaret W. Randall 1961
H. Dana Fearon III 1957 and Janet A. Fearon Larry L. Rasmussen 1970 and Nyla L. Rasmussen
Barbara D. Fiorito and Michael W. Shimkin Gerald B. Rigg 1962 and Dedee Zanetti Rigg 1980
First Presbyterian Church of Farmington, Farmington Hills, MI David J. Robb 1965
John Paul Frelick 1948 Bruce L. Robertson 1963
Barbara J. Gaddis 1978 and Paul B. Volker Richard A. Rollins 1955
Lawrence C. Gilley 1962 Roy I. Sano 1957
Karenna A. Gore 2013 Jean E. Schmidt
Dorothy A. Greene 1986 Ismar Schorsch
Dennis W. Haas 1959 and Thomsa Stewart Haas 1958 Marilyn Seven 1962
Alice L. Hageman 1962 Allen J. Sever 1955
Mareta C. Hamre 2012 Susan L. Sgarlat 2007
Nancy W. Hanna 1985 Farley W. Snell 1958
D. Bruce Hanson 1961 St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Greenwich, CT
Amy M. Heinrich 1985 St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Wallingford, CT
Thomas J. Herin 1974 Glen H. Stassen 1960
Garry W. Hesser 1964 State Farm Companies Foundation
Carolyn S. Hopley 1979 Catharine R. Stimpson
David W. Hornbeck 1966 Katy Stout
William R. Hunnex 1971 Alfred W. Tate 1972
Dorothea R. Hunter Ellis and Bettsy Cowling Donor-Advised Fund of the Triangle Community Foundation 
Brenda G. Husson 1983 Phyllis Trible 1963
Dorothy A. Hutcheson Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, OH
Darcy R. James 1963 Trinity Episcopal Church, Newtown, CT
Bonnie J. Jarrett David R. Trower 1973
Kevin B. Jennings and Jeff Davis United Church of Christ, Cleveland, OH
Nicole Johnson Jacquelynn C. Van Vliet 2008
Carol Johnston 1978 Estate of Rinaldo A. Walker
David A. Jones 1962 and Nancy B. Jones 1964 Mary Jo Walters
Joe R. and Sarah Jones West End Collegiate Church, New York, NY
Ward L. Kaiser 1949 Mary H. White
Michael J. and Narindar U. Kelly Marie K. Wilson
Frances Kennedy Peter S. Wilson
David Shepherd King 1958 Andrew E. and Karen Wise
Evelyn A. Kirkley 1985 Heather L. Wise 2010
Betsy F. Koester 1992 Geoffrey F. Worden 1990 and Virginia H. Worden 1991

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