Union Theological Seminary Student Life






Sarah Azaransky Serene Jones Janet R. Walton
Mary C. Boys '75, '78 Brigitte Kahl Cornel West
Euan Cameron Jerusha T. Lamptey Robyn Whitaker
David M.Carr Daisy L. Machado '81  
Chung Hyun Kyung '89 John Anthony McGuckin  
James H. Cone Troy Messenger  
Samuel Cruz Aliou C. Niang  
Gary J. Dorrien '78 Su Yon Pak '99  
Esther J. Hamori John J. Thatamanil  

Visiting Faculty

Alan Cooper
Visiting Professor of Jewish Interpretation
Jea S. Oh
Visiting Professor of Systematic Theology
Hal Taussig
Visiting Professor of New Testament

Paul Knitter
Paul Tillich Professor Emeritus of Theology, World Religions and Culture

Jan Rehmann
Visiting Professor for Critical Theory and Social Analysis
Carmen Nanko-Fernández
Visiting Professor of Systematic Theology
Shuly Rubin Schwartz
Visiting Professor of Interreligious Engagement


M. Roger Holland II '02,  M.M.  Christopher Johnson, M.M. Penna Ann Rose, S.M.M.

Adjunct Faculty

J. C. Austin
Christian Institutions
Gregory A. Horn
Christian Institutions
Demian Wheeler
Systematic Theology
Noah Bickart
Interreligious Engagement
Jane Huber
Church History & Interfaith Engagement

Ministry Formation: Kellie Anderson-Picallo; Rich Hong; Cari Jackson; Donna Schaper; Mieke Vandersall; Doug Wingo

Beth Bidlack
Research and Theological Learning
Pilar L. Jennings
Psychiatry and Religion
Gilbert Cole
Psychiatry and Religion
Alvan Johnson
Preaching, Arts & Worship
Gadadhara Pandit Dasa
Spiritual Formation
Robert Johnson
Cecilia deWolf
Preaching, Arts, & Worship
Kathryn Madden
Psychiatry & Religion
Henry Wells Fogarty
Psychiatry & Religion
Jill McNish
Psychiatry & Religion
Gladys Foxe
Psychiatry & Religion
Amy E. Meverden
Theological Writing
Galen Guengerich
Practical Theology
Susan Rakoczy
Spiritual Formation
Lissa Gundlach
Preaching, Arts & Worship
Adriene Thorne
Spiritual Formation
Robert Gunn
Psychiatry and Religion
David Traverzo
Spanish Language

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