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Union Divests

At Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York, we have a particular call to live out our values in the world. In accordance with that call, our Board of Trustees voted unanimously on Tuesday, June 10, to begin divesting fossil fuels from the school’s entire $108.4 million endowment. We are the first seminary in the world to take this dramatic step in the fight against global climate change. News of Union's bold move has been featured in outlets like the New York Times and by 350.org.

For more information about this important decision, please read our press release at: utsnyc.edu/divestment.
This is an incredible moment in the history of our seminary, and we are overjoyed to share it with you!


Papyrus on Jesus' Wife: Statement from Hal Taussig and Serene Jones

NEW YORK — Newspapers across the country are reporting today that experts have confirmed the fragment of papyrus mentioning Jesus’ wife is more than likely an authentic ancient document and not a modern forgery.

Union Theological Seminary New Testament professor Hal Taussig has worked closely with Harvard’s Karen King for the last 18 months on this fragment, known as “The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife.” Taussig is an expert on non-canonical ancient Christian documents and author of the recent A New New Testament, which contains ten ancient “lost scriptures” that helped shape early Christian communities.

“The authentication of this fragment should help us get to the important questions of what it meant for the ancient world and what it means now,” said Taussig. “It is clear that Mary Magdalene was very important to early Christians, but Da Vinci Code fantasies of her being Jesus' wife tend to underplay her significance as a real leader in one of the earliest Jesus movements. The Gospel of Jesus' Wife helps reclaim the historical probability that Mary Magdalene was a disciple. It helps less in knowing who Jesus' wife may have been.”

Cautioning against using the fragment as evidence, Taussig emphasized, “This is not simply some sort of historical proof, but rather allows people the opportunity to use this text spiritually and imaginatively to make meanings for their own lives.”

Union’s president, Serene Jones, is also available to speak about the possible impact the authenticity of this fragment could have on our modern understanding of the role of women in the Christian church.

“This fragment of papyrus opens up our imaginations and intriguing historical possibilities,” said Jones. “But we need to ask ourselves, why does it matter so much whether Jesus was married? Jesus’ race doesn’t determine how we think about civil rights, and whether he was gay doesn’t determine how we think about marriage equality. As a contemporary Christian thinking about the relationship of this fragment to our world, we need to look at the role of women in the church regardless.”

To set up an interview with Taussig or Jones, please contact Jeff Bridges on his cell phone at 303-358-5551, or via email at jbridges@uts.columbia.edu.

My Brother's Keeper' initiative by President Obama
Serene Jones 

Statement from Serene Jones: "As the president of a seminary dedicated to social justice, I rejoice at today's announcement of the 'My Brother's Keeper' initiative by President Obama. At Union we recognize our responsibility to unlock the potential of all citizens, especially those, such as Black and Latino men and boys, who continue to struggle, for a variety of reasons, to achieve full participation in our society. The 'My Brother's Keeper' initiative embodies both this promise and this reality, and I am proud to support it." Learn More>>

Union student appointed to the New York City Civilian Complain Review Board (CCRB)

Joseph Puma, 2nd year M.A., was appointed to the NYC CCRB in December 2013.

CCRB has 13 members who all live in the city and reflect the diversity of the city. Board members serve three-year terms. One of the core responsibilities of the board includes monitoring police conduct. Read More>>

Vision: Cultivating Prospective Pastoral Imagination

Union Theological Seminary is pleased to announce that we have received a five-year $500,000 grant from the Lilly Endowment through their Early Career Pastoral Development Initiative 2013. Union’s program, Vision: Cultivating Prospective Pastoral Imagination, will invite two consecutive cohorts of 10-15 early, mid-career pastors to work with mentors at Union and beyond for a two-year curriculum. Utilizing the particular strengths of Union Seminary, participants will spend a semester each concentrating on new media, religious pluralism, and new economic models. The grant will enable an annual retreat, monthly meetings, and ongoing consultation with program mentors. Through Vision, pastors are able to develop projects that integrate the theological insights of the program in their congregations and local communities, as well as to Union students, the next generation of ecclesial prospectors.

The Rev. Dr. Serene Jones, President and Johnston Family Professor of Religion and Democracy, will direct Vision, and the Rev. Dr. Troy Messenger, Director and Visiting Assistant Professor of Worship, will be the program coordinator. Selection of the first cohort will take place in Spring 2014 with program implementation beginning in Fall 2014.

If you would like to nominate an “early, mid-career pastor” you think would benefit from Vision or are interested yourself in applying, please write to Dr. Messenger at tmessenger@uts.columbia.edu More information will be forthcoming early in the new year.

President Serene Jones featured in a new documentary “Ensoulment: A Diverse Analysis of the Feminine in Western Culture”

Ensoulment is a film that brings about a unique perspective on the psyche. With incredible personalities such as Dr. James Hollis, Dr. Abigail Disney  or Rev. Dr. Serene Jones, and amazing academics like Dr. Cynthia EllerDr. Anne Fausto-Sterling(among many others), we bring you the animated story of filmmaker Lorís Simón as she embarks on a journey in search of meaning, belonging and the path back to her true self. Find out More>>

Serene Jones on "The American Dream"
Serene PBS


Lucky Severson's PBS report, "The American Dream," which aired on Nov. 8, featured President Jones discussing religion and the economy: "One of my goals is to get pastors and congregations to feel emboldened to ask questions about the economy."  Watch the video>>

Union Recognized as a “Seminary that Changes the World”
Seminaries that Change the World 

Union Theological Seminary's deep commitment to groundbreaking religious inquiry and lasting social change earned it recognition today as one of the "Seminaries that Change the World." Find out More>>

Newest Addition to NYC Food Incubator Scene to Set Up Shop at Union
Food incubator project  With the growing number of farmers markets and shops that sell locally made goods, New York’s legion of budding chefs is spoilt for choice when it comes to outlets to share their goods. But for a growing company, it becomes difficult to operate out of a tiny apartment kitchen after a point. Enter the food incubator. Read full Article>>

Trayvon Martin: No Stranger to God
Fred Davie  Rev. Fred Davie, Executive Vice President at Union Theological Seminary writes about the Trayvon Martin case in The Huffington Post.

"As a believer in the good news of scripture, an ordained clergyman, a seminary leader, and a black man, I am engaged in an enterprise that holds the stranger and the other as precious, sacred commodities of the Creator, as opportunities for expressions of welcoming, inclusion, hospitality, love and co-creation. I feel called to join all of my colleagues to provide a community and educational context where all bodies are welcomed, where the stranger and the other are embraced and encouraged, consistently, and in all aspects of our community life. Do we always get it right? By no means! But as a stranger in my own right, I hear the call of the Great One to give myself in solidarity with others to create welcoming communities as a bold counter narrative to the one played out in the Trayvon Martin courtroom and in many courtrooms and communities across this nation and the world. Together, we are sustained by so many others, in this era and in those preceding, who have heard this same call and are co-collaborators in the ongoing struggle for a peaceable kingdom where all bodies feel at home, where no one is a stranger, where equality, in all it forms, reigns." Read full Article>>

Union Professor Hal Taussig answers questions in the New York Times feature "Room for Debate" Should Atheists Pray?
Hal Taussing  With atheist church services this month in Louisiana and New York, nonbelievers are borrowing some of the rituals of believers: gathering, singing, sermons.

Would it be fruitful for atheists to pray? For believers and others, what is the point of prayer? Read More>>

Union Mourns the Passing of the Rev. Norman Cooley Eddy, '51, 2/9/20 – 6/21/13

Norman Eddy

We are sad to announce the passing of the Rev. Norman Cooley Eddy, '51. 

To read the obituary notice, click here>>

Photo courtesy of New York Theological Seminary.

Martha Eddy, his daughter, offered these words of remembrance:


Norm Eddy believed that guided by prayer, any oppressed community could work together with compassionate people and change the social and political landscape.  He helped addicts and their parents, siblings, spouses and grandparents to change the NYS law that shifted narcotics use from being a crime to being treated as a medical condition (Metcalf-Volker bill) opening the first medical rehab units, at the Metropolitan Hospital.  He was saddened that we have yet to eradicate poverty on our earth, as he held the firm belief that it was possible to be free from poverty if the people in poverty are included as leaders in finding solutions.  In honor of Norman Eddy we ask each person to consider what can be done today to educate, nurture dialogue, and move our worldwide communities into economic and socio-emotional health.

Union Mourns the Passing of the Reverend Mary E. McNamara

Mary McNamara

A Message from President Serene Jones

Dear Union Community,

I received word on the morning of June 15, 2013 that Union's beloved friend, the Reverend Mary E. McNamara died peacefully at Calvary Hospital in the Bronx. As many of you are aware, Mary wrestled with cancer for the past several years. For those who do not know Mary, she was the Executive Vice President of Union for over a decade, before leaving here in 2009 to become the President of United Theological Seminary in the Twin Cities. They were very lucky to have Mary in that leadership role as was everyone at Union who benefited from her wise, sturdy, and loving leadership through both hard and wonderful times. She will be missed. She left us all – and generations of Union community members – better for her presence. Although I am often referred to as the first woman President of Union, that title can also be attributed to Mary for her time as Interim President at Union in the late l990's. In so many ways, she was a trailblazing woman.

At the request of Mary’s family, all members of the Union community are invited to attend one or both of the services below: 

Friday June 28th, 7pm
St. Peter's Lutheran Church
619 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10022 (near 54th Street)
(Vesper service and Inurnment followed by reception)

Saturday June 29th, 11am
Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church
7 W 55th St, New York, NY 10019 (near 5th Avenue)
(Memorial Service followed by reception)

Donations in Mary’s name may be made to the churches where the services will be held:

St. Peter's Church:

Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church:

Please pray for her sons, Nathaniel and Alex, and for Alex's wife, Aida, and their son, her grandson, Luke.



President Emeritus, Donald W. Shriver, Jr., Writes on the Extraordinary Life of Roger Shinn
Donald Shriver 

"Who can do post-mortem justice to any really superb human being? Especially one as many-sided as Roger Shinn.

I met him first in the setting of the National and World Councils of Churches, exactly the right place for meeting so ecumenical an ethicist-theologian." Read More>>

God's Spirit at Work: Marriage Equality and the LGBTQ Movement
Serene Jones 

President Serene Jones writes about marriage equality and the pending SCOTUS rulings on DOMA and Prop 8.

"The religious debate over marriage equality has often been framed as a question of whether same-sex relationships are blessed by God and the Bible. Both sides can find proof texts to support their positions, and debate the matter endlessly. I believe that God loves all human beings equally and that Scripture supports the notion that God wants people to love God and one another, and this includes in marriage." Read More>>

Union Mourns Professor Emeritus Roger L. Shinn, ’41, ’51

Roger ShinnDistinguished ethicist and Reinhold Niebuhr Professor of Social Ethics Emeritus, Roger L. Shinn, died on Monday, May 13.  He was 96 and had recently been admitted to hospice care.

Prof. Shinn, who first arrived at the Seminary as a student in 1938, began his teaching career at Union when Reinhold Niebuhr and Paul Tillich were still on the faculty.  He taught from 1947 to 1949 and 1959-1985, and over the years was Instructor, Professor, Dean and Acting President at Union, where he succeeded John C. Bennett, President Emeritus, in the Niebuhr Chair.  He was also Adjunct Professor of Religion and Society at Columbia University from 1962 to 1986, and taught at any number of other institutions while still at Union and after he retired.  He also served terms as President of the American Theological Society, and the Society of Christian Ethics.

Roger and his wife Katharine celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary in November 2012.  She survives him, along with their daughters and their families. 

Plans for a memorial service are underway.  Details to follow as they become available.

The full obituary, published on June 2, may be found here.>>

Meet the driver behind “Nuns on the Bus” - A CNN Interview with Sister Simone Campbell
Sister Simone Campbell 

Sister Simone Campbell, the keynote speaker at Union Theological Seminary’s Third Annual Judith Davidson Moyers Women of Spirit Lecture, speaks with Christiane Amanpour about Pope Francis and her own campaign for social justice. Watch the full video>>

President Serene Jones and Rev. Susan Sparks in 'Easter: Facing Violence to Understand the Power of the Resurrection'

President Serene Jones

New video from Odyssey Networks on the eve of Easter Sunday.

“I think that the challenge of Easter is, is you don’t understand the power of the resurrection if you don’t really take in the horror of the cross,” said the Rev. Serene Jones, president of Union Theological Seminary. As violence and cruelty dominate our culture, we must stare violence in the face before we can find the good news. Jones said, “I mean, the good news is, that the love of God just keeps coming.” See the full video here.

Regime Change: Benedict & His Successor
Mary Boys 

Mary C. Boys '75. ‘78, Skinner and McAlpin Professor of Practical Theology at Union Theological Seminary write for Commonweal about Pope Benedict XVI and his successor.  Read More>>

Dr. Sarah Azaransky to Join Union as Assistant Professor of Social Ethics

Sarah Azaransky

February 25, 2013

Dear Members of the Union Community and Friends of the Seminary,

I am happy to announce that Dr. Sarah Azaransky has accepted the position of Assistant Professor of Social Ethics at Union Theological Seminary beginning Fall 2013.

Dr. Azaransky is currently teaching at the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of San Diego where in 2011 she won the "Mortar Board Teaching Award".

Dr. Azaransky, a graduate of the University of Virginia, comes to us not only with excellent teaching credentials but with a passion for social justice and has focused her work on disenfranchised communities. Most recently, in 2012, she received a grant to travel to Ghana where she visited with church leaders to examine their work with environmental justice. Among the courses Dr. Azaransky will be teaching at Union Theological Seminary, she will offer courses on sexual/LGBTQ ethics.

In accepting this new position, Sarah noted:

"I am thrilled to be joining Union's vibrant and justice-oriented intellectual community. I look forward to the opportunity to participate in Union's unsurpassed tradition of teaching, learning and research in social ethics, and I am eager to contribute to Union's future as a world-engaged seminary in the heart of New York City".

Dr. Azaransky will move to New York City with her husband and two children.

Please join me in welcoming Sarah and her family to Union!


Daisy L. Machado
Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor of Church History
Union Theological Seminary


President Serene Jones Delivers a Prayer for the Nation at the Inaugural Prayer Service
Inaugural Prayer
At the request of President Obama and Vice President Biden, President Serene Jones delivered a Prayer for the Nation at the 57th Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service at the Washington National Cathedral, Tuesday, January 22.
Joining President Jones – former Union Theological Seminary student, Rev. Gabriel Salguero, and Rev. Dr. Raphael G. Warnock, ’2006. 

View the program and the read the transcript>>

Watch Inaugural Prayer Service>>

Union at Obama Inauguration

From left to right:  Former student Gabriel Salguero, Executive Vice President Frederick Davie, Rev. Dr. Raphael Warnock '06, President Serene Jones, and Rev. Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook '83. 

A Memorial Service & Celebration of Ron Casanova and Larry Gibson

Ronald Casanova

Larry Gibson

The Poverty Initiative is hosting Lifting Up the Fallen Fighters: A Memorial Service & Celebration of Ron Casanova and Larry Gibson. The evening is dedicated to the memory, life, leadership and legacy of these great men. Through image, song and word we will reflect on the lives and work of these Poverty Scholars and seek guidance together in the carrying forward of their legacy. For more informaiton, please click here

Union Mourns the Passing of Dr. Arthur Caliandro (1933-2012)
Arthur Caliandro 

Senior Minister, Marble Collegiate Church, 1984-2009

Dr. Arthur Caliandro passed away peacefully in his sleep on Sunday morning, December 30, 2012. His gift as a "people's minister" shaped the character of Marble Collegiate Church. Through his remarkable ministry, Marble acquired the reputation for offering a positive, non-judgmental setting in which all are welcome to explore their faith journey.

Read more about the legacy of Dr. Arthur Caliandro here.


Union Mourns the Passing of Dr. Beverly Harrison '56, '75
Beverly Harrison for Homepage Union mourns the passing of the mother of Christian feminist ethics, Dr. Beverly Wildung Harrison, '56, '75.  Read More>>

President Serene Jones appears on PBS Thirteen/WNET’s “Frontline” in a Roundtable Discussion called From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians.
Serene Jones PBS Frontline  Journalist Daljit Dhaliwal hosts a roundtable discussion featuring President. Serene Jones, Reverend Stephen Phelps, and Dr. Lawrence Schiffman to discuss Frontline: From Jesus to Christ, Episodes 1 and 2. Watch the Full Video>>

GLAAD World AIDS Day Article, Featuring Dr. Serene Jones, President of Union Theological Seminary by first year M.Div., Todd Clayton.
World AIDS Day 

On the eve of World AIDS Day, Union remembers and honors the lives lost and lives impacted by HIV/AIDS.

First-year M.DIV. Todd Clayton reflects on World AIDS Day in an article for GLAAD that includes an interview with President Serene Jones.

“When asked why she believes Union’s involvement in World AIDS Day to be important, Rev. Dr. Serene Jones, President of Union and professor of feminist theology, explained: “Religious communities can often be the most oppressive places for people living with HIV/AIDS, and these communities, in their posture, encourage the pandemic to grow.” She said that because of this reputation, it is all the more incumbent on them to be places of healing. “Churches should be leading the charge.”

Read the Full Article>>

Bishop K.H. Ting '48 Passes Away
Ting Kuang-hsun Union mourns the loss of Bishop Ting Kuang-hsun, M.A. '48, recipient of the Union Medal in 1994.  Bishop Ting was the honorary chair of the Eighth National Committee of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches in China (TSPM), honorary president of the Sixth China Christian Council (CCC), honorary principal of Nanjing Union Theological Seminary, and chairman of the Amity Foundation.  He passed away on November 22 in Nanjing at the age of 98.

A Place Where Art and Religion Meet
A. A. Bronson A.A. Bronson, Director of Union's Institute for Art, Religion, & Social Justice, gives an interview about his work at Union to the art blog HyperallergicRead More>>

Union Theological Seminary Closed until Monday, November 5, 2012

Union Theological Seminary will be closed until Monday, November 5 due to the impact of Hurricane Sandy on the NYC-metro area. The seminary will re-open on Monday, November 5 for classes and normal business operations.

More information can be found here:


Union Theological Seminary Closed on Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Union Theological Seminary will be closed on Wedneday, October 31 due to the impact of Hurricane Sandy on the NYC-metro area.

More information can be found here:


Union Theological Seminary Closed on Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Union Theological Seminary will be closed on Tuesday, October 30 due to the weather forecast for Hurricane Sandy and its projected impact on the NYC-metro area.

More information can be found here:


Union Theological Seminary Closed on Monday, October 29, 2012

Union Theological Seminary will be closed on Monday, October 29 due to the weather forecast for Hurricane Sandy and its projected impact on the NYC-metro area.

More information can be found here:


Wolcott B. Dunham, Jr., Appointed Chair of Union's Board of Trustees
Wolcott B. Dunham Jr. 

Union Theological Seminary is pleased to announce the appointment of Wolcott B. Dunham, Jr., as Chair of its Board of Trustees. Dick Dunham, a Trustee since February 2011, succeeds Mary H. White, M.D., Chair from 2010 until July 2012, and Dr. John D. Maguire, Chair on an interim basis since July 2012. Dr. White and Dr. Maguire continue as Trustees.

Mr. Dunham said, "I am honored to be chair of this great institution. I want to express my thanks to Mary White and John Maguire for their leadership. I look forward to working with President Serene Jones and my fellow Trustees.”

Mr. Dunham is Of Counsel to the law firm of Debevoise & Plimpton LLP. After serving as a VISTA Volunteer with the Hough Area Development Corporation in Cleveland, he joined the Debevoise firm as an associate in 1969, was a partner from 1977 through 2010 and, through 2010, was global Co-Chair of its Financial Institutions Group. His law practice concentrates on insurance industry corporate transactions, state, federal and international regulatory matters and corporate governance as well as not-for-profit corporate and governance matters.

Mr. Dunham is Senior Warden of St. James’ Church in the City of New York and is a Trustee of the Episcopal Diocese of New York. For 30 years, he has been on the board of the Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter, which serves homeless people. Until 2012, he was on the board of Episcopal Charities of the Diocese of New York. In 2011, he received the Servant of Justice Award of the Episcopal Diocese of New York. He is a director of Dutchess Land Conservancy, on the members committee of Terrafirma Risk Retention Group, a non-profit insurer offering insurance to land trusts holding conservation easements, and President of the Fund for Astrophysical Research.

Mr. Dunham is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School.

President Serene Jones said "Dick brings with him an expansive view of Union's mission and a wise and steady view of its past and its future. I look forward to working with him as we continue to strengthen the institution and build on its distinctive legacy." 

Mr. Dunham is the recipient of the Buist M. Anderson Distinguished Service Award. Read more>>

Eternal Light Award to be presented to Professor Mary C. Boys
Mary Boys  The Center for Catholic Jewish Studies is proud to announce that the Eternal Light Award for 2012 will be presented to Professor Mary C. Boys, S.N.J.M, Union Theological Seminary, New York.  Professor Boys is  a superb teacher and scholar  who has devoted nearly four decades to examining some of the most difficult issues confronting Catholic-Jewish relations  and has opened new dimensions of understanding between both communities. Read More>>

Bishop Disani Christopher Senyonjo, MDiv 1966, STM 1967, Unitas Distinguished Alumnus 2011 has been honored with a Clinton Global Citizen Award for Support of LGBT Rights
Bishop Christopher Senyonjo 

Bishop Christopher Senyonjo of Kampala, Uganda, will receive a Clinton Global Citizen Award at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting this evening for his outstanding work to support the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people through the St. Paul's Reconciliation and Equality Centre in Kampala.   The award recognizes Bishop Senyonjo's work in promoting the equal rights of LGBT people in Uganda and across more than 70 countries where being LGBT is illegal and often persecuted. Read More>>

America Needs a New Econo-Theology by Serene Jones, President and Johnston Family Chair for Religion and Democracy at Union Theological Seminary
Serene Jones 

In her Hiffington Post article, President Serene Jones draws parallels between economy and theology, and the need to reevaluate our moral values in order to address the imbalance of wealth in America.

“We live in a society where we have traded virtue for material rewards. We should have more conversations about our deep diminishing of human life; talk less of success, and more about love” writes Serene Jones, “for if we don't, we will continue to pay the price of inequality. And that cost is high.” Read the Full Article>>

Salon’s Coverage of Economics & Theology, A New Lecture Series Hosted by The Institute for New Economic Thinking & Union Theological Seminary
Paul Mowry 

Wednesday night, Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize – winning economist, spoke to a packed chapel at Union Theological Seminary, which, along with the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET), a New York-based think tank, hosted the first conversation in a brand-new series meant to change the way we understand economic issues. Read More>>

President Serene Jones Appears on CBS News to Discuss Newly Surfaced Ancient Papers that Claim Jesus was Married.
Paul Mowry 

A 1,600-year-old document, translated for the first time, has a message that could shake up Christianity. It is the first-known statement from that era that refers to Jesus, talking about having a wife. Watch the full video>>

Union Mourns Rev. Howard Moody
 Howard Moody Rev. Howard Moody passed away on September 12, 2012. Moody retired as Senior Minister of Judson Church and was named its Minister Emeritus in 1992, after the Church celebrated its centennial. In retirement, Moody continued to work for progressive causes, particularly efforts to reform harsh drug laws, and taught a course in Urban Ministry at Union Theological Seminary in NYC, until the past few years when his health began to fail. Moody gave the 2002 Commencement address at Union and in 2004, an Urban Ministry Scholarship Fund was established in his name. Read More>>


The Work of Memory
Paul Mowry  On the anniversary of September 11, 2001, Prof. Thatamanil meditates on the role that memory plays in Christianity, patriotism, Islamophobia, and retaliatory violence. "Given the enormous power of memory," he writes, "everything depends on the why." Read More>>


Invitation to a Dialogue: Name That Sacrifice by Donald W. Shriver, President Emeritus of Union Theological Seminary
Paul Mowry 
In his New York Times letter to the editor Donald W. Shriver
Jr., President Emeritus of Union Theological Seminary, urges politicians to
specify details on the revisions of the Medicare and Social Security

Former Union Student, Reverend Gabriel Salguero, to Pray at DNC
Paul Mowry  Rev. Gabriel Salguero, former Union Theological Seminary student and current President of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition, will deliver the prayer at the Democratic National Convention's Invocation Ceremony, tonight 9/6/12. Read More>>

Union Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC

Dr.'s Serene Jones and James Forbes and the Rev. Fred Davie will represent Union at public activities related to the Democratic Party's gathering in Charlotte. Dr. Forbes will preach at the Myers Park Baptist Church on Sunday, September 2. He and Rev. Davie will attend a voter participation workshops sponsored by Faith Partnerships, Inc., and will moderate panels over the course of the week. All three will attend the President's acceptance speech.

Dr. Forbes participated in similar public events related to the Republican National Convention. Rev. Davie received invitations to related actvities but was unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts.

Dr. Forbes’ sermon at Myers Park Baptist Church in Charlotte will be streamed live at 10:00 a.m. this Sunday (9/2) on www.mpbconline.org. Look for: “click here to stream.” 

PBS Spotlight on Union: “Women in Theology and Ministry”
Paul Mowry  Union Theological Seminary was recently featured on PBS’s Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly in a segment called “Women in Theology and Ministry,” with managing editor Kim Lawton. Watch the Video >>

An interview with Cathy Busby, the first full-time artist-in-residence at the Institute for Art, Religion, and Social Justice
Paul Mowry 

Canadian artist Cathy Busby was drawn to Union Theological Seminary's collection of 63 portraits as the first full-time artist-in-residence at the Institute for Art, Religion, and Social Justice. For About Face: Portraits at Union Theological Seminary, Busby photographed, catalogued, and eventually removed thirteen of the portraits from Union's Refectory. The artist then replaced them with monochromatic wall painting of their silhouettes to create a new artwork [...] Read More>>

President Serene Jones appears on MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry Show to Discuss Consumer Ethics and Apple Products & Where Faith and Policy Converge
Paul Mowry  Rev. Serene Jones, New York University law professor Cynthia Estlund, and Columbia University visiting scholar Obery Hendricks discuss the legacy left by Apple founder Steve Jobs and the controversy over the working conditions of his company’s supplier, Foxconn. Watch the Full Video>>

Faith Inspires: Union Theological Seminary's Poverty Initiative
Paul Mowry  The Huffington Post Faith Inspires highlights the Union Theological Seminary's Poverty Initiative, based in New York City. On a mission to "raise up generations of religious and community leaders committed to building a movement to end poverty," the Poverty Initiative educates destitute community members while organizing poverty-conscious religious leaders through Theological Education courses. Read More>>

President Serene Jones appears on MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry Show to Discuss Gender Roles in the Church and State
Paul Mowry 

Host Melissa Harris-Perry is joined by Reverend Dr. Serene Jones of the Union Theological Seminary, NYU law professor Kenji Yoshino, and University of Pennsylvania Professor Anthea Butler to discuss the number of women with positions of power in both Congress and the church. Watch the full Video>>

Mormons and Evangelicals: A Theological Divide
Paul Mowry  In this video, theologians The Rev. Dr. Serene Jones and The Rev. Dr. Richard Mouw explain the differences between the traditional Christian theology and Mormonism. And Mark DeMoss, an evangelical and senior advisor on Romney's campaign, explains why divisive language when it comes to faith is so dangerous. Watch the Full Video>>

Johnston Family Chair for Religion and Democracy Created by $3 million gift to Union Theological Seminary
Paul Mowry  The Rev. Dr. Serene Jones, President of Union Theological Seminary, announced today that Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Johnston, of Gladstone, New Jersey, have given $3 million to create The Johnston Family Chair for Religion and Democracy.   The chair, which is fully endowed upon its creation, will support scholars whose work explores the crucial role religion plays in American politics and society. Read More>>

Dr. Cornel West to Join Faculty of Union Theological Seminary
Paul Mowry  Rev. Dr. Serene Jones, President of Union Theological Seminary, announced today that Dr. Cornel West, one of America’s most influential civil rights activists, authors, commentators and scholars will rejoin the faculty of Union Theological Seminary.  (Dr. West previously served on Union’s faculty from 1977-84 and 1987-88.)  In his new position, Dr. West will serve as Professor of Philosophy and Christian Practices.

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