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S.T.M. Graduation Requirements

The candidate chooses an area or department of special study in one of the four fields of the curriculum at the beginning of the academic year. The student's program of study must be approved by a faculty adviser.

A candidate pursues graduate study at the Seminary for at least one full academic year and satisfactorily completes a program of 24 points in advanced course work for full credit. "R-credit" points cannot be counted in the 24 required points.

Included in this program of 24 points must be a seminar (or another advanced course) for at least one semester, in which the candidate prepares a significant "extended paper" of 30-40 pages on some limited topic in his or her chosen field of major study. A special form to be filled out in this connection is available from the Registrar, to be signed by the student and the professor concerned and returned to the Registrar.

The student must give evidence by examination that he or she has a good reading knowledge of a modern language other than English that is appropriate to his/her area of study. Normally this requirement is met by an examination in French, German, or Spanish. Language examinations are to be taken at the Seminary on dates prescribed by the academic calendar. To substitute another language for French, German, or Spanish requires the approval of the academic dean. A record of previous study of one of the biblical languages, Hebrew or Greek, or of Latin, can also be accepted for this requirement. Competency in Hebrew is required for specialized Old Testament study, as is Greek for New Testament students.

Six points of graduate work taken at an affiliated seminary are allowed to count toward the degree requirements, provided they are approved in advance by the dean of academic administration.

Except by special permission of the academic dean, the candidate (who is a U.S. citizen or permanent-resident) must complete the degree requirements including the extended paper not later than four years after admission to graduate study. International students are always required to be enrolled full-time, so as S.T.M. candidates they are expected to complete the degree in one academic year.


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