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Fierce, the Caucus for Queer People of Color

Rodney McKenzie, Jr. (rm3193@utsnyc.edu)

Michael Crumpler (mjcrumpler@me.com)

The Caucus for Queer People of Color focuses on the how and where religion, sexuality, and race intersect in the Union community and in the greater world community. Its mission is twofold: Fierce creates safe-space and support for those of the community grappling with and defining their sexuality, in the context of racism and religious homophobia. Fierce also encourages dialogue within the Union community to include the distinctive voice of Queer People of Color, particularly with other Queer students and communities of color. Establishing this caucus leads to a deepened understanding of how race and sexuality are conjoined for the Union community. This is not an attempt to give a platform to a “minority” population, but a chance to celebrate multi-ethnic contributions to the Queer community. We hope that this will enhance our individual journeys, ministries, our leadership in the Church and our contribution to society.

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