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All artists have been wired with a God-given orientation and language through which they understand Divinity, themselves, and the world. For an artist of faith, the arts are not merely a part of worship, but often are worship. For an artist in seminary, the arts are not merely a part of their theological voice, but often are their theological voice.  The Arts Caucus is a group of creatively-minded people who understand the challenges posed by the call to artistic expression in our society and in the rigorous and often overly-rationalized environment of seminary.  

In light of this, we strive to offer a supportive community for those students who want to continue with their artistic practice or vocation while in seminary and hope to connect with others who are interested in exploring the inherent, indispensable relationship between the spiritual experience of God's presence and authentic creative expression.  We also provide opportunities for all students at Union to participate in creative self-expression and art appreciation.  We embrace "artists" and "the arts" as inclusive of visual art, music, creative writing, performance, and movement.  Whether you are or have been working as a professional artist, or are just someone who identifies as right-brain-oriented, this community is for you!

Here's just some of what we do......

Impromptu Art-in-the-Pit Days - we come to you with opportunities to stop right where you are and take a moment to get creative, contemplative, messy, and have fun.

Contemplative Arts Studio - just off the upper refectory at the end of the hall, we maintain a room that is open to anyone for work on creative projects.  Communal supplies and tools are available for drawing, painting, knitting, sewing, sculpting, beading, gluing, cutting, writing, and making music.  A secure storage closet is also available to store your personal art supplies. 

Collaborative mural - the mural on the wall of the upper refectory represents the collective artistic vision and expression of Union's revolving student body.  In the spirit of impermanence, communal solidarity, artistic collaboration, and the act of making a selfless contribution to the greater good, all students are invited to participate in this mural project.  

Creative On-Campus Groups 
- we offer support in promoting various creative groups that meet on campus, including a creative writing group, a music jamming group, and a crafting group.  Want to start your own group around a creative practice?  Talk to us and let us help you get started.

Connecting Students with Campus Artists - looking for someone on campus with a particular creative skill?  Ask us!  We keep a running list of artists on campus. If you have a creative skill and you want to let the community know, tell us and we'll make sure to get you on the list.

Info on NYC Events - we help to promote student artistic events as well as passing on information about opportunities in the city related to the arts and theology.  If you know of an event coming up, please let us know.

Open Mic Night - get your songs and poems ready, because we sponsor an open mic night at pub every semester! 

Gallery Showing of Student Artwork - once a year we sponsor a gallery exhibit somewhere on campus of student artwork.  If you have a piece you would like to contribute to this year's gallery showing, let us know!

Free Workshops on Creative Skills - want to learn how to paint, how to draw, how to knit, how to make stained glass, how to make playdough?  Keep an eye out for these great opportunities to learn from your fellow artistic colleagues.  

If you have an idea for a project or performance, or if you would like to help the Arts Caucus further its mission on campus, please contact Kristen & Kristen at artscaucus@gmail.com

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