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COPS, the Caucus Organized for Parental Support

Mission Statement

In as much as we believe parenting to be a calling and an honor given by God, the purpose of this caucus is to offer a support system to parents who are serving (ministering) in the form of parenting and establishing a multigenerational legacy of educational achievement. By acknowledging the duality of that purpose, this caucus can offer a variety of resources, from other students and other sources. This can create a network of support for any type of parenting situation that may arise (babysitting dilemmas, knowledge of tutoring services for children, creating a balance in daily life, play-dates, ‘bringing up baby’ information, homework tips, school advocacy assistance, summer camp options, preparation for college, etc.). We recognize that creating a balance for home and school can be challenging and, for some students, parenting in and of itself is new. To make the graduate studies environment a less intimidating addition to our daily lives this can present a feel of camaraderie while we embark on this journey together.

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