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Samantha Gonzalez-Block (sg2248@utsnyc.edu)

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The mission of the Union Interfaith Caucus is to encourage and facilitate open and constructive conversations between people of diverse faiths and religious communities. The UIC is committed to the advancement of mutual respect, trust and understanding between people and communities of diverse faiths, beliefs, and worship practices through discourse and collective action.

We believe that inter/intra-faith and religious dialogue is necessaryin order to combat the worldwide problems of poverty, war, political oppression and climate change. The UIC will seek to address issues of social justice through coalition building between diverse faith groups.

To accomplish these goals, the UIC will partner with pre-existing interfaith organizations (The Dialogue Project, The Interfaith Community, Religions for Peace, etc.) along with Union faculty and students. The UIC is both a forum for Union students to become more involved with interfaith and intrafaith coalition building and finding new vision, meaning and hope in dialogue with other faiths.

Our activities include an annual Union Passover Seder, interfaith sacred text readings, collaborative chapels with members of other traditions, the annual Ramadan Iftar Break Fast, and various speakers and seminars. We have developed a strong relationship with the Columbia Hindu Student Organization and the Columbia Hindu student chaplain, who led a meditative chanting chapel at Union.

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