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In Prison And Outside, He Found His ‘Iota Of Light’: A Mentor Named Fred

Rev. Fred Davie, Executive Vice President at Union is featured on NPR’s StoryCorps

“What is life without hope? Even an iota of light can go a long way,” says Robert Sanchez, a social worker who served 15 years in prison. He found that guiding light when he met minister Fred Davie.

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Interfaith Appeal for Justice at Standing Rock

42 pastors, professors, and faith leaders, from more than 20 religious organizations, voice their opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline. As leaders in the faith community, they are called upon to declare their profound environmental concerns regarding this project, as well as condemn the assault on the human rights and religious freedoms of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

They are asking to meet with President Barack Obama and that he halt the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, assuring compliance with established law, suspending current and any future permits, and guarantee the full respect for the sovereign nations within our borders.

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The Chronicle of Higher Education: A Prominent Scholar-Activist Trades Law for the Seminary

“On its face, then, it’s strange that Ms. Alexander, author of the best-selling The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness (New Press, 2010), is “walking away from the law” and her recent law professorship at Ohio State University to take a five-year visiting professorship at Union Theological Seminary. What seems a radical career shift, however, is actually a natural evolution in her thinking on racial justice, say Ms. Alexander and those who have worked with her.”

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The Brian Lehrer Show: America Needs a New Theology

Dr. Serene Jones, President of Union Theological Seminary and Michelle Alexander, visiting professor at the Union Theological Seminary joined Brian Lehrer to discuss the need for a new common narrative about who we are as a country, which incorporates America’s morally flawed history.

Listen to the full interview here.

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How to Heal the Spiritual Pain of America: We need a new common narrative about who we are as a country

Over the past year, streams of commentaries have analyzed the ferocious and alarming combat marking this year’s presidential campaign. Few among them, however, include wide-ranging spiritual or theological accounts of what is transpiring. From where I sit, as a religious and spiritual leader, I see it as the manifestation of a profound spiritual crisis in our nation, one grounded in a deeply distorted view of ourselves, and our past and future.

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