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Course Catalog

Union offers a world-class foundation in the core seminary subjects, from the Old and New Testaments, to spiritual care and counseling, to exegesis, as well as the cutting edge in Womanism, Feminism, Queer Theology, and interreligious studies.

Union also has courses that stray far away from the ordinary and the expected. These unique offerings take advantage of the seminary’s New York location, and offer a deep dive into the subjects and people most schools simply aren’t equipped to take on. While courses change from year to year, the following is a sample of what Union offers:

Course Catalog 2016-2017

Current students, please visit the My Union Registrar’s page for the latest changes, cancellations, and updates.

Previous Course Catalogs

To view all courses offered at Union Theological Seminary prior to the 2016 – 2017 Academic Year please click on links below:

Course Catalog 2015-2016 | Course Catalog 2014-2015 | Course Catalog 2013-2014 | Course Catalog 2012-2013 | Course Catalog 2011-2012 | Course Catalog 2010-2011 | Course Catalog 2009-2010

Auditor Information

Union may, in some cases, permit those who are not enrolled in a degree program to audit a class. Please visit the Registrar’s Office in room AD 105 in person for more information.

Academic Calendar

To view the latest academic calendar, current and admitted students can visit their Registrar’s Documents page on My Union. The 2014-2015 calendar can be viewed online here. Here is the Academic Calendar 2016-2017.