Tony Amoury Alkhoury

Tony Amoury Alkhoury

Field of Study: Religion and Education | Practical Theology

Contact Info:

ThM: Fuller Theological Seminary
MDiv: Harvard University
MSc in Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy: Damascus University
BSc in Pharmacy and Medicinal Chemistry: Al-Baath University


Tony, originally from Homs, Syria, grew up in a Syrian Orthodox family. From a young age, he was deeply drawn to understanding God, participating in various Orthodox and Catholic denominations in Homs. By the age of eighteen, Tony identified as an evangelical Christian. Over the years, he faced personal challenges that led him on a profound journey of questioning and spiritual rediscovery. Today, Tony embraces an ecumenical Christian identity, appreciating multiple Christian traditions.

Professionally, Tony spent a decade in Syria as a Clinical Assistant Professor in Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacist. Beyond his medical profession, he pursued his passion by serving as a church youth leader. In 2016, Tony moved to the U.S. to further his theological studies. He completed his MDiv degree from Harvard University in 2019 and was honored to deliver the commencement speech.

At Harvard, Tony’s dedication to teaching earned him the Excellence in Teaching award twice. Additionally, he was one of the six recipients of the distinguished Hopkins Shareholder Award, recognizing his outstanding ministerial potential. Post-Harvard, Tony pursued a ThM in Practical Theology at Fuller Seminary. Presently, he is conducting research at UTS under the supervision of Dr. Mary C. Boys.

Research Interests

Tony’s primary research interest lies in the exploration of a “practical theology of paradox.” This approach is anchored in the biblical concept of the paradox of knowing and unknowing. Furthermore, it delves into the pedagogical and educational implications of this paradox, considering how it shapes Christian education methods and learning experiences. The approach also draws deeply from the experiences of the Syrian people, especially as they grapple with the intricate challenges posed by the Syrian war. This theology of paradox integrates biblical, theological, and philosophical insights while also underscoring their real-world applications. At the heart of this perspective is the conviction of God’s unwavering presence, consistently extending love amidst the daily adversities faced by those in distress.

Teaching Experience at Union: FE 103 – Field Education Seminar