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EDS at Union is a place where Episcopal faith and scholarship meet to reimagine work of justice. The Anglican Studies M.Div. and S.T.M degree programs bring together excellent theological formation, Anglican spirituality, and practical leadership skills with an eye toward helping Episcopal faith leaders tackle the most pressing challenges facing our world today.

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EDS has social justice at its heart. Whether we are in the classroom or in co-curricular activities, we are invested in understanding justice and reform in a way that is not only a meaningful element of our work, but something central to God’s call to us. This deep-rooted passion shifts into theological and liturgical dialogue in a way that is so unique and largely motivated by the students as well as our professors that I truly do not believe it is something experienced anywhere else.
Eva Bogino First-year MDiv student in the Anglican Studies Program

The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) Anglican Studies Program

This three-year professional graduate degree that will train students to be effective preachers, administrators, liturgical leaders and spiritual guides in the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion. Students will develop core competencies in the Episcopal Church’s six canonical areas of study, including scripture, church history, Christian theology, ethics, liturgy and worship, Episcopal Church polity and ministerial practice, with an eye toward multicultural ministry and global aspects of Anglicanism. The program intentionally engages disparities in society based on gender, race, class, sexuality and other marginalizing forces with special attention to the implications of clergy and lay ministerial leadership. Contact edsinfo@uts.columbia.edu for more information.

required credits for M.Div. Degree Program:
    • 6 credits in Anglican Studies introductory seminar and capstone
    • 15 credits in Anglican Studies including Anglican History, the History of Anglican Liturgy, Anglican Liturgical Practicum, Anglican Missions & Social Justice
    • 11 credits in Bible: Old Testament, New Testament, and Exegesis
    • 9 credits in Church History
    • 6 credits in Practical Theology: Preaching and Pastoral Care
    • 6 credits in Theology, including Anglican Theology
    • 6 credits in Interreligious Field
    • 6 credits in Field Ed
    • 3 credits in Spanish for Latinx Ministry
    • 6 credits in Final Project or two additional Anglican Studies courses
    • Electives

The Master of Sacred Theology (S.T.M.) Anglican Studies Program

This one-year program offering an open structure of advanced theological study. It is for those who already have a Master of Divinity, Master of Arts, or its equivalent as determined at the time of application. Many Episcopal/Anglican students in ordination tracks use this degree in fulfillment as an ‘Anglican Year’ of study, taking classes specifically in Anglican theology, liturgy, and history. As this is a highly-customized degree program, potential applicants should be in touch with Miguel Escobar at mescobar@uts.columbia.edu to discuss whether this degree program is applicable.

Most seminaries in the Episcopal Church start with congregations and ask what type of leader they need to maintain the status quo, EDS at Union starts with some of the most complex challenges of the world and asks what kind of church the world needs, and trains faith leaders who can respond to those challenges.
-The Rev. Gary Commins

A Unique Learning Community for Episcopal/Anglican Formation: 

  • Significant Financial Aid Opportunities: Most students receive significant financial aid toward tuition and living expenses. As a part of Episcopal Divinity School’s affiliation with Union Theological Seminary, students will have access to substantial opportunities for need-based and non-need-based federal and institutional aid. 
  • Academic Excellence: As part of Union Theological Seminary, the Anglican Studies program is blessed with Episcopal/Anglican clergy and professors who are leading voices in their fields. See the faculty listing and courses they are teaching below. 
  • Worship and spiritual discernment: In addition to regular Morning Prayer and weekly Eucharist, students are required to participate in regular small group check-ins and retreats led by faith leaders who are committed to forming students into mature spiritual leaders.
  • Anglican formation for an ecumenical and interreligious world: EDS at Union takes a different approach to Episcopal formation through its commitment to classroom formation in ecumenical and interreligious settings. In addition to requiring all students to take interreligious courses, Anglican Studies classes and worship experiences are strengthened by the presence and insights of students from the Buddhist, Islamic, and general ministerial leadership programs. 
  • Practical workshops and site visits: The Anglican Studies program includes a robust offering of beyond-the-classroom formation opportunities including community book reads, immersion experiences to Selma and Ciudad Juarez, practical workshops, and field site visits that take students out of the classroom, into the city and beyond.
  • Spanish and Latinx Ministry: Students are required to take Spanish for Ministry and can develop a basic working knowledge of this language through our Spanish Language Learning Lab. Because the Latinx population represents one of the fastest-growing segments of the Episcopal Church, all worship services at EDS at Union – from Morning Prayer to weekly Eucharist – include a bilingual component.


For more information, contact EDSinfo@uts.columbia.edu.