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Studying Islam within the Interreligious Engagement field at Union prepares students to contribute to crucial conversations with Muslim communities and interreligious contexts. What are some of the recurring themes and central interpretative debates in Islamic tradition, texts, and practices? How do we engage Islamic tradition and practice in committed and critical ways? How do we draw upon tradition to respond to pressing questions, including dehumanization, exclusion, white supremacy, and economic injustice? How do we combat Islamophobia and anti-Muslim sentiment, while also cultivating sustaining and inclusive Muslim communities? How do we engage diversity with the goal of fostering justice and limiting harm?

At Union, IIE students engage these and other questions, while preparing for diverse leadership, academic, and professional roles. IIE students gain competency in Islamic tradition and practice, in interreligious engagement, and in questions of social disparity.

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A More Plural Union

Union proudly boasts two newly-minted programs, attracting students of diverse backgrounds, offering unprecedented depth in different traditions, and doing all of this with an eye towards what it means to deal with the disparities we encounter in the world around us.

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Associate Professor of Islam & Interreligious Engagement

Union Theological Seminary is pleased to announce that Jerusha Tanner Rhodes, Ph.D. has been promoted to Associate Professor of Islam and Interreligious Engagement without term (with tenure), by the Union Board of Trustees following the enthusiastic recommendation by the faculty’s Committee on Appointments.

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Discovering Islam’s Beauty at Seminary

When I discovered that Union offered an Islamic Studies program that merged a deep theological engagement with a commitment to social justice, I knew I had found a home for the spiritual and intellectual yearnings.

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Muslims, #BlackLivesMatter, & Race in America

Su’ad Abdul Khabeer is a scholar-artist-activist who uses anthropology and performance to explore the intersections of race and popular culture.

Cultivating Ethical Responses to Hate & Islamaphobia

Dr. Simran Jeet Singh discusses how the Sikh community stands in solidarity with Muslims, and what an ethical response to Islamophobia looks like.