Alumni/ae Council

Union’s Alumni/ae Council is a volunteer group of up to 30 graduates who represent the varied constituencies of Union alumni/ae. Council members are committed to:

  • Sustaining an ongoing institutional relationship between Union and its alumni/ae.
  • Promoting spiritual, material, and voluntary service among alumni/ae in support of Union.
  • Providing advice and counsel regarding Union’s mission and ministries.
  • Strengthening and guiding The Union Alumni/ae Network and helping to cultivate a culture of going back and giving back among alumni/ae.
  • Recognizing service by Union alumni/ae to church, academy, and society through the Unitas Distinguished Alumni/ae Award. Nominate someone for the Unitas Award here.

Click here to nominate an alumnus/a for election to the Council. Please submit a short bio along with a statement of why this person is interested in serving on the Council, as well as the contribution they hope to make. Self-nominations are welcome. Ordinarily, Council members serve two three-year terms. The Council meets twice a year, in October and February, at Union.

For more information about the Alumni/ae Council, please contact Kevin Bentley at