Scholarship Support

The Campaign for Union

As we enter the final and public phase of the Campaign for Union, a major fund-raising effort launched in 2014 to secure $25 million to strengthen our beloved Seminary. To date, we have raised $23.25 million, leaving a balance of $1.75 million. Please click here to make a gift and contribute to the Union Campaign. 

With the ultimate success of the Campaign for Union within reach, 100% of the remaining dollars raised will contribute to Union’s scholarship program.

Thanks to a recent generous $1 million bequest intention from an anonymous alumna, and a $300,000 Board challenge, the net amount still to be raised for scholarships through the Campaign is $450,000.

Why Scholarships?

Union is committed to the goal of providing a debt-free education, for the financial burden our students face can be an insurmountable obstacle to enrolling at Union or, once graduated, an enduring obligation. Discounting tuition is our primary tool. Currently, about 80% of our students receive some level of tuition relief. Even with such robust scholarship support, most of Union’s students will graduate at least $50,000 in debt.

While this affects the decisions prospective students make about attending Union, it also impacts their ability to choose lives of social engagement and dynamic ministry after they graduate. We turn now to you, as a member of Union’s community, to seek your participation in delivering on the promise of a Union education for new generations of students.