Field Education Profile: Kimberley Gordy

Belief Exists Without Borders for This Field Education Student

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Kimberley Gordy, a second-year MDiv student, wanted a field education placement that was closely tied to her passion for justice. She found it in Believe Out Loud, a program from Intersections International. This primarily online program helps connect people in LGBTQIA+ communities find support and faith community options through its website and networking services.

Along with another Union student colleague, Gordy helps write content for the site and its devotional calendars, as well as participate in weekly staff check-ins. Mostly, she’s learning “what it takes to run a non-profit at the intersection of faith and justice,” said Gordy.

As opposed to other, more hybrid, field education placements, Gordy is able to do her work remotely, from her home base in Maryland. While she would have worked out of Believe Out Loud’s New York office, her work can be done virtually. Below is the featured image from the Advent devotionals that are available to read here. Gordy and fellow student intern, Sulkiro Song, wrote the devotionals for Believe Out Loud for 2020’s advent season.

Gordy joined Union after a career in high school and college counseling, and she enjoys getting to learn about how to serve both a specific audience as well as a universal one. She’s also a co-chair for the Black Women’s Caucus, in addition to her school work and internship, but she knows that she’s a student first.

“With field education, you often have to roll with the punches when changes come up,” she said, “but ultimately I am there to learn anything and everything I can.”

She recommends to anyone starting their search for a field education placement to begin early, especially as people get exhausted by inboxes and Zoom meetings frequently. She also recommends having plenty of options to choose from instead of focusing on just one or two possible placements.

“Just follow the process,” said Gordy. “Eventually, you’ll get connected to what’s important to you.”