RISE Together Application Now Open!

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A graphic showing multiple hands of diverse colors reaching upwards next to the text "RISE TOGETHER," with the tagline "Renew • Inspire • Support • Empower" below. The image conveys themes of unity, cooperation, and community support.

The  RISE Together Mentorship Network, founded by Reverend Dr. Lisa D. Rhodes, is a women of color sister care peer mentoring community anchored at Union Theological Seminary. For seven years, The RISE Network has been a life giving space for women of color seminary students, early to mid-career clergy, senior pastors, faculty, and community advocates. It is within these spaces that we invite you to join our  courageous gatherings  full of renewal, inspiration, support and empowerment.


Applications are now open.

What We Offer:

Both mentees and mentors can expect communal gatherings and opportunities for leadership development and spiritual formation. Network members also have access to: 

      • Virtual Library (includes leadership development modules, resources, and videos)
      • Opportunities to connect and network
      • Monthly Prayer Calls
      • Quarterly Webinars
      • RISE Newsletters (highlighting women of color in ministry and various opportunities). 
      • RISE National Biennial Conference

What to Expect: 

Each regional cohort – Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, Charleston, South Carolina, Chicago, IL, Lancaster, PA, Nashville, TN, New York City, NY, Northern California (San Francisco, Contra Costa, Oakland), Richmond, VA, Washington, DC, – includes cross-cultural, ecumenical, and interdisciplinary mentors and mentees to provide community spaces for peer mentoring (online, in-person, or both, depending on regional ability). 

 This is a two-year commitment, with the learning modules beginning in September 2024. The monthly modules, in addition to being learning opportunities, allow time for women-centered community support, sisterhood, and empowerment. Prior to beginning the September module, accepted RISE applicants should plan to attend the National Gathering, The Power of Our Voices, in Atlanta Georgia, March 2024.


Financial Responsibilities for 2 Years: 

  • Conference Fee –  $150–$275 per conference (does not include airfare or hotel) Conference attendance is optional but encouraged.
  • Occasional Purchases of Learning Materials – $50-$100 per year

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To learn more about the RISE Together Network and mentorship program, click here. If you have questions, please email [email protected].