Community Health Covenant

Community Health Covenant

Categories: COVID-19

As we return to campus after such a challenging time in our world, we, the members of the Union community covenant together to be considerate and mindful of one another’s health and wellbeing. We will respect one another and engage with each other with understanding and compassion. We will work, study and live together as a community with a continued commitment to our shared responsibility for community health and welfare, founded in knowledge and grounded in mutual respect.

The health and wellbeing of our Union community is our highest priority and requires the effort of the entire Union family. All of us at Union—students, faculty, administration, staff, and trustees—commit to doing what we can to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 within and around Union and to promote health and wellbeing for all our members and neighbors.

As members of the Union community, each of us commits to:

  • Continue to follow basic health precautions including frequent handwashing/sanitizing and comply with all requirements to use face coverings and to socially distance
  • Respect each individual’s choice to employ broader masking or social distancing measures than might be required and to make every effort to honor those choices without judgment
  • Respect the needs of all our residents in our shared living spaces and common areas
  • Participate in testing, contact tracing, isolation and quarantine protocols, when required
  • Respect all visitor and security procedures in the academic building and residence halls
  • Follow all other Union policies and procedures

As an institution Union pledges to:

  • Employ rigorous cleaning and sanitizing throughout the campus.
  • Communicate all changes to public health protocols in a timely manner
  • Support vaccination, testing, contact tracing, isolation and quarantine protocols in coordination

    with our partners at Columbia Health

  • Provide access to other health and wellbeing resources such as access to mental health

    resources and personal protective equipment, as well as shared community programming and shared use of community space

A just community is a healthy and life-giving community. Let us all pledge to fostering a just Union Community. Let’s stay healthy together.