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In Spring 2017, Episcopal Divinity School affiliated with Union Theological Seminary, creating EDS at Union. This new partnership allows EDS to continue providing Episcopal theological education within an accredited, degree-granting seminary while carrying forth their long history and mission of dismantling racism and working for social justice. Guided by the traditions of EDS and the Anglican community, EDS at Union has identified the following core values which will guide their work with students, the Church, and in the public square.

EDS at Union Core Values

FAITH: EDS at Union’s Anglican studies program is grounded in the gospel call to partner with God in mending the earth.
SOCIAL JUSTICE: EDS at Union is committed in all of its interactions to bring faith and theological scholarship together in the service of social justice.
VISION: EDS at Union is committed to being a responsible visionary of its material and non–material resources so as to be accountable to its future and to building a just earth.
INCLUSIVENESS: EDS at Union’s circle of interactions will represent a culturally, ethnically, religiously and nongendered array of voices along with those who are suffering on the underside of injustice.
RESPECT: EDS at Union will value the sacred dignity of all persons in all of our interactions and conversations. 
INTEGRITY: Demonstrate strong more principals and maintain values even when it’s unpopular.

Union students who enroll in the EDS at Union Anglican Studies program at Union will earn a Master of Divinity degree from Union and also fulfill requirements for ordination in the Episcopal Church. The Anglican Studies program will include a clear pathway for those called to the ordained ministry and for those called to various lay ministries. Both paths will train students to be effective preachers, liturgical leaders, and administrators. In all instances, students will be prepared to embrace ministries that reflect what it means to be sanctuary and witness in contemporary society.

Led by Dean Kelly Brown Douglas, EDS at Union aims to transform theological education by providing innovative public programming and classroom instruction that reimagines faith in the public square and trains faith leaders for progressive activism.


The Warring Soul of our Nation

To live into the higher aspirations of the founding fathers ​and hence Martin's dream, we must face the truth of who we are as a nation, historically and in the present. In this op-ed, Dean Kelly Brown Douglas reflects on the shared anniversaries of the lynching of Emmitt Louis Till and Martin Luther King ​Jr.'s March on Washington.

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Preaching at the National Cathedral

Dean Kelly Brown Douglas preached at Washington National Cathedral for the first time since the WNC statement on President Trump's racist rhetoric. She reflects on Jesus' statement that he has come to bring division to the Earth (Luke 12:49-56).

"If indeed we are to be a people of faith—that is a people committed to partnering with God in bringing forth such a just future—then there must be divisions; divisions that signal the coming of that very just future."

New York's Homelessness Crisis

EDS at Union director Miguel Escobar joined the Coalition for the Homeless for their #HouseOurFutureNY rally. New York is undergoing a major homelessness crisis with 61K people - more than the population of some cities - sleeping in NYC's shelter system each night. We join the Coalition for the Homeless in calling on Mayor Bill de Blasio to designate 30K more affordable housing units for the homeless by 2026.

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Dean Kelly Brown Douglas responds to the mass shootings in Gilroy, El Paso, and Dayton: “Even as we mourn the lives taken, even as we worry about the safety of our loved ones, I want to encourage us all to be bolder. Now is the time to summon the moral courage call out white supremacy at every level, whether it is coming from the highest office or at the dinner table. Now is the time to speak out against the toxic combination of guns and white nationalism. Now is the time to connect the dots between the rise in racist rhetoric, the dehumanizing of immigrants and people of color, and the shootings that have just occurred.”

Posted by Episcopal Divinity School at Union on Monday, August 5, 2019

Responding to Mass Shootings

“Even as we mourn the lives taken, even as we worry about the safety of our loved ones, I want to encourage us all to be bolder. Now is the time to summon the moral courage call out white supremacy at every level, whether it is coming from the highest office or at the dinner table."


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Episcopal Divinity School to Pursue Affiliation with Union

Friday, February 24, 2017

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Cambridge, MA – The Board of Trustees of the Episcopal Divinity School (EDS) today voted to pursue an affiliation with Union Theological Seminary that would create an EDS entity to provide Episcopal theological education and other programs at Union’s campus in New York. The Board of Trustees of Union Theological Seminary has voted enthusiastically

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