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What is Spiritual Care? Psychology

January 19, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 1:45 pm

Join us for the What Is Spiritual Care? Psychology webinar on Tuesday, January 19, at 12:00 pm. This is part of the International Association for Spiritual Care (IASC) five-part webinars series, exploring what spiritual care looks like through the lens of different professions. Each will begin at 12:00 pm Eastern (New York) time (GMT -5) and will run approximately 1 hour and 45 min.

January 19, 2021 at 12:00 pm ET — What is Spiritual Care? Psychology

Moderator: Pamela Cooper-White, PhD (Union Theological Seminary, New York)
Panelists: Kenneth Pargament, PhD
Pninit Russo-Netzer, PhD
The Rev. Chanequa Walker-Barnes, PhD

Registration is required for live participation in the webinar. There is a $25 fee to attend each webinar. Register for all five, and receive a discount. All webinars will also be livestreamed and recordings will be made available after each livestream on the IASC Facebook page.

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Kenneth Pargament, PhD

Dr. Kenneth Pargament is a professor emeritus of psychology at Bowling Green State University. He has published extensively on religion, spirituality, and health, and authored The Psychology of Religion and Coping: Theory, Research, Practice and Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy: Understanding and Addressing the Sacred.  Dr. Pargament is Editor-in-Chief of the 2013 two-volume APA Handbook of Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality. With Julie Exline, he has authored the soon-to-be-published Shaken to the Core:  Spiritual Struggles in Research and Clinical Practice.

Pninit Russo-Netzer, PhD

Dr. Pninit Russo-Netzer is a senior lecturer and the head of the Education Department at Achva Academic College, and a researcher at the department of counseling and human development, University of Haifa. Her main research and practice interests focus on meaning in life, positive psychology, existential psychology, spirituality, positive change and growth. Dr. Russo-Netzer is the founder and head of the ‘Compass’ Institute for the Study and Application of Meaning and the head of the Academic Training Program for Logotherapy (meaning-oriented psychotherapy) at Tel-Aviv University. She develops training and intervention programs on these topics, serves as academic advisor and consultant to academic and non-academic institutions, and the co-developer and co-instructor of the Mindfulness-Based Meaning Program (MBMP), and the co-editor of the books Meaning in Positive and Existential Psychology, Clinical Perspectives of Meaning and Search for Meaning in the Israeli Scene.

The Rev. Chanequa Walker-Barnes, PhD

The Rev. Dr. Chanequa Walker-Barnes is Associate Professor of Practical Theology at the McAfee School of Theology, Mercer University in Atlanta, teaching courses in pastoral care and counseling, spiritual formation, and reconciliation studies. She began her career as a clinical research psychologist, earning degrees from Emory University (B.A., Psychology and African-American/African Studies) and the University of Miami (MS and PhD, Clinical Child/Family Psychology) focusing on ethnic minority families, adolescent development, and health disparities. She earned her MDiv from Duke University. With her unique background in behavioral health, theology, and race/gender studies, her work focuses upon identifying and healing the individual and societal legacies of racial and gender oppression.  She is the author of Too Heavy a Yoke: Black Women and the Burden of Strength and most recently, I Bring the Voices of My People: A Womanist Vision for Racial