Faith in Action

Union Theological Seminary has always embodied the freedom to learn and the freedom to teach—ideals that may be more critical than ever to churches and society at this moment in history.

NRA: Our Children Are Not Sacrificial Lambs

Our actions in this moment "reveal the God we pray to—whether we worship the God of love and peace, or the NRA’s blood-soaked idol."

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Union and Episcopal Divinity School at Union Condemn the DOJ's Anti-Trans Bigotry

"This policy shift is an abdication of the Justice department’s responsibility to seek justice for all U.S. citizens and is an affront to sacred creation of all human beings."

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We Condemn President Trump's DACA Betrayal

"In the conflict between the vulnerable and the powers that seek to oppress them, it’s clear what side Christ chooses."

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Union and EDS at Union Condemn the Evils of White Supremacy and the President's Immoral Response

President Rev. Dr. Serene Jones and EDS at Union Dean Rev. Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas respond to the violence in Charlottesville, and President Trump's immoral leadership. "He spoke of 'very fine people on both sides,' when clergy marched on one side while the other brandished torches and swatsikas."

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Union Hosts ACLU Director to Talk About Religion in the Time of Trump

ACLU Executive Director, Anthony Romero, addresses some of the thorniest legal issues presented by the nascent Trump administration at a February 2017 panel talk.

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Union Condemns Trump Administration's Immigration Ban

The Union community expresses outrage at the Islamophobic Executive Order and urges people of good conscience and faith and to resist.

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Union Faculty Respond to Trump's Election

The Union faculty unanimously condemns the flagrantly racist and xenophobic rhetoric of the Trump presidential campaign.

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Union's Administration Responds to Police Shootings

President Serene Jones and Executive Vice President Fred Davie respond to recent police shootings, calling for a cessation of these tragedies.

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Response to Pulse Nightclub Shooting

President Serene Jones asks, in the wake of tragedy, "Do we choose openness and love or do we choose fear and hatred?"

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Rev. Dr. Serene Jones Celebrates Marriage Equality

President Jones publishes statement rejoicing in the Supreme Court decision, while calling for a continued fight towards full LGBTQI equality.

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Union Opposes Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

Union notes that reports of hate crimes against Muslims and those who “appear” Muslim are on the rise, and calls for vigorous resistance to this hatred.

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Union Divests from Fossil Fuels

In recognition of God's call to steward the Earth, Union's Board of Trustees votes unanimously to become the first seminary in the world to divest their endowment from fossil fuels.

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