Godspeed Senator-elect Warnock

Godspeed Senator-elect Warnock

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Godspeed Senator-elect Raphael Warnock

Yesterday was an historic day for our nation and for our beloved seminary, Union.  Unfortunately, what began as a day of celebration quickly turned to a day marked by violence and hatred enacted by the domestic terrorist mob that assaulted our nation’s capital, incited by a diabolical president. It was chilling and disgraceful, and it’s horror will be told for generations.

At the same time, the people of Georgia elected their first Black US Senator, Union alumnus Rev. Dr. Raphael Warnock ’94, ’06, and first Jewish Senator, Jon Ossoff, an historic and nation-shaking event of great joy and radical hope! Lest we let those who enact hate have the floor, at Union we choose to celebrate that joyful, life-changing victory. I am so very proud to be the President of Union.

In electing Rev. Warnock, Georgians have said no to moral nonsense and the greedy hands of hatred and have proclaimed a loud victory for moral integrity and the open-handed power of love. By example, they have elevated the political discourse of our entire nation. Union is so very proud to claim Rev. Warnock as an alumnus and recent Trustee (currently on leave). He embodies the very highest values of our mission, emblazoned on our seal: In all things, seek truth, unity and above all, love. From Union, we prayerfully and joyfully say: ‘Godspeed to you, Senator. Godspeed.’

Serene Jones
President and Johnston Family Chair for Religion and Democracy