Kenneth Claus ’70

Categories: Alums in the World

What do you do?
I currently am the minister of All Souls Miami (which I helped found 2006); I am the modern REL program founder and still only instructor at Miami Dade College-Kendall campus, and I also teach English comp at Florida International University – the state U in Miami.

How did Union prepare you for this?
I found the work in Patristics under Cyril Richardson foundational in understanding my own faith personally and academically. The academic rigor at Union also helped me later in developing academic programs at other institutions. I continue to be both parish minister and college Adjunct faculty. I also found intern work in a different type of congregation each of my 3 years absolutely essential in exposing me to the real world of parish ministry. Academics did not!

What is the best thing about your job?
I love interacting with both parishioners and students. I love learning from the insights and experiences of both. I love being constantly fed spiritually and academically by both of these.

How have you stayed connected to Union?
Through the Weekly emails and recently through connecting with the Alumni Director.

What would you say to someone considering going to Union?
If you are seriously considering parish ministry doing intern work each year in a different congregation is absolutely essential. Academics does not prepare a minister for the real life of a parish ministry regardless of faith community.