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A collective of theological reflections and innovative responses by seminarians and interdisciplinary scholars who center the revolutionary spirituality of the Black Caribbean and its diaspora.

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The challenges of the world are significant and individuals with the skills and mindsets to lead in this environment are needed more than ever.  Fortunately, there are many individuals who hear the call to lead in their communities, for social issues, such as race, gender, and immigration, and for the environment. Union is focused on understanding the skills and mindsets required to be successful in realizing the change they desire in the world, providing a ‘place’ where convening and discussion can thrive, and offering educational programs and practical experiences to develop social impact leaders.

The Center for Community Engagement and Social Justice has three focus areas:

Upcoming Events + Programs

Summer Immersion Course: Methods in the Study of Urban Life & Religion in Puerto Rico

Through ethnographic methods and theological analysis, this immersion course to Puerto Rico will examine spirituality, ecology and community as alternative sovereignty in the modern day U.S. colony.

Homelessness Impact Fellowship Program

Union is committed to addressing homelessness and is dedicated to partnering with key organizations to help enable the next wave of leaders to address this important issue.

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