Luce & IIIT Support Interreligious Education at Union

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NEW YORK, NY— Union Theological Seminary is pleased to announce that The Henry Luce Foundation and the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) have provided support for a combined $1 million in grants supporting Union’s programming on Islam, social justice, and interreligious engagement.

“We are very pleased with this agreement with Union Theological Seminary,” said Dr. Jamal Barzinji, President of the IIIT. “We see it as a another milestone in our ongoing efforts to support academic programs that enhance the study of Islam, social justice, and interfaith studies in general. We look forward to working closely with Union to ensure the success of the program”.

This new grant builds upon the interreligious work made possible by the Luce Foundation from 2010-2015. This includes the hiring of Dr. Jerusha Lamptey, professor of Islam and Ministry and the creation of the field of Interreligious Engagement at Union Seminary.

“These grants will enable Union to promote rigorous academic and public discourse aimed at articulating Islamic responses to pressing social justice issues through robust conversation with other traditions and worldviews,” said Dr. Lamptey.

Union President Serene Jones also welcomed the news of the funding.

“Union Theological Seminary has always been on the cutting edge of the conversation around faith, justice, and society,” said Dr. Jones. “There is nothing I am more excited about than the work we are doing around interreligious engagement, specifically as it relates to Islam. This generous grant ensures that important interfaith work will continue well into the future right here at Union Seminary.”


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