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Worship at Union is expressed in ways as diverse as the city that surrounds it. From the traditional to the innovative, Union’s worship answers the creative and spiritual inspirations of the community, offering everything from Zen Meditation to Sunday Evening Mass, spiritual direction to weekly chapel services. At Union, students have daily opportunities to engage in a wide diversity of spiritual formation.

In James Memorial Chapel, that diversity comes to life in services led by students, professors, and chapel ministers. The very design of the chapel embodies Union’s commitment to expressive flexibility—without fixed pews or a permanent pulpit, the space is fundamentally adaptable. Equipped with theatrical lighting and a wireless sound system, staffed with two coordinators, and home to a rotating roster of artists-in-residence, James Chapel is the heart of Union worship and the physical manifestation of Union’s commitment to freedom of—and through—faith.

Watch a film on the history of James Chapel titled “James Chapel Worship – Practicing for Life” here.