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The Supreme Court’s Decision Is An Assault on Biblical Values  

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News reports indicate that the Supreme Court’s conservative majority will soon strike down Roe v. Wade, clearing the way for draconian measures to ban abortion rights across the country.

Rev. Serene Jones, a prominent progressive theologian and president of Union Theological Seminary — a globally-recognized graduate school of religion devoted to advancing social justice — issued the following statement in response.

“It is very dangerous when a fringe Christian perspective is forced upon a majority population that fundamentally disagrees with it and it is deeply troubling, even terrifying how religion, specifically Christianity, has been distorted to soon strike down what should be settled law in the nation. As a diverse and pluralistic country, America’s laws should not be based on a distorted and patriarchal interpretation of Christianity. Furthermore, the government should have no role whatsoever in a woman’s private healthcare decisions.

As we work at Union to advance justice, this decision is gravely unjust and portends future frightening court actions that diminish the rights of our LGBTQ siblings and others. It is important to remember that the justice we fight for is not hollow but strong and fierce, and the love that compels us is mightier than any court of law. As faith leaders, let all of us pray together today for the strength and resilience necessary to continue in our fight for a more just tomorrow.”

The Very Rev. Kelly Brown Douglas, Dean of Episcopal Divinity School at Union and public theologian, added that, “The trajectory of this leaked decision is more than disturbing. Overturning Roe v. Wade is an attack on women’s freedom and right to choose. Poor women – and especially poor women of color – would once again shoulder the burden of this decision, and they would have their choices limited and freedoms taken away. Yesterday’s leak must spur us all to action. Overturning Roe v. Wade means nothing less than turning our backs on equity and justice for all.”