Tinka Harvard, M.Div. ’01

Categories: Alums in the World

What do you do? Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 2.17.06 PM

I teach at retreats and workshops combining theology, philosophy, and the arts in an effort to inspire. I’m also a writer, and this spring for the first time I had a short story published by a literary journal. I’ve just completed my first novel and am searching for an agent and publisher.

What do you like best about what you do?

I enjoy sharing the knowledge I gained at Union, and through workshops and writing I can adapt complicated subject matter for a wider nonacademic audience.

How did Union prepare you for this?

Union gave me the analytical tools necessary for teaching and writing. At Union I learned to question and reason, and I share these tools, along with lessons in theology, with others to help them arrive at what’s true for themselves.

How have you stayed connected to Union?

For a long time I was not connected. Anyone who knew me when I was a student at Union may know that I was painfully shy. I had a special talent in the art of invisibility. Less shy now and learning the value of staying connected to our gifts in life, I am immensely proud to be a connected member of the Union community once again.

What would you say to someone considering going to Union?

At Union almost everything that comprises who you are will be challenged—in the best ways. Union students undergo a transformation as substantial as the change a lump of coal undergoes on the journey to becoming a diamond, and Union graduates are just as brilliant. I would say to anyone considering attending Union to do herself and our society a favor and do it!