1836 Day: Growing Union's Future

This year’s 1836 Day took place on March 7, 2023. We reached for the stars with a $100,000 goal, and we are thrilled to announce that we not only met, but exceeded our goal with $109,376 raised (and counting)!


Thank you for helping this community – our treasured seminary – continue the legacy that was planted 186 years ago. Together, we are growing Union’s ability to educate the next generation of faith leaders, theologians, and social justice advocates.

Enjoy the wonderful videos of our students and staff below, as they share on the value of fundraising for student scholarships.

#1836Day at Union: Dayo Adeoye
#1836Day at Union: Schuyler Rowe
#1836 Day at Union | Michael Orzechowski
#1836Day at Union | Shifa Rahman
#1836Day at Union: Anna Sardar
#1836Day at Union | Calvin Mason
#1836Day at Union | Leslie Martinez
#1836 Day at Union | Jennifer Shivley

 “I think the care that the student body and the staff showed me on a daily basis keeps me going. I feel love between us. Union became part of my DNA. I am delighted to be around Believers in Faith, people who strive to make this world a better place. I couldn’t ask for a better place to be walking in everyday. The great minds that went through this institution keep me going.” 

 – Bassirou Diop, Electronic Media and IT Support  and Head of Security at Union






“I have been fortunate and blessed to work at the Seminary for many years. I frequently remark that I am unsure if my story happens anywhere elsewhere. I started as a first-tier PC technician and worked my way up to the organization’s Chief Information Officer. Along the way, I realized I had a front-row seat to some of the most outstanding thought leaders that would play a part in shaping the political and moral compass of the world. I’m delighted to play a small role in helping to maintain an institution that is instrumental in fostering this environment. 

Throughout my tenure here at Union, some remarkable people at the school taught me with their words and actions that there is no nobler expression than a life of service. Their contribution thread is still woven into Union’s tapestry. Every day I strive to live up to the examples set by individuals who mentored and poured into me from my nascent years at the Seminary; that has been at the core of what has kept me here for so long. 

As a kid who grew up in a low-income area in Queens, New York, I would have never imagined being in rooms with people like the Dali Lama, former President and First Lady Bill and Hillary Clinton, or Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. But, to be candid, the memories I hold dearest in my seasoned years are simple moments, like getting a hug from Cornel West in the pit or remembering James Cone’s distinct voice bellowing out of a classroom, or recalling a student like Raphael Warnock steadfastly making his way up the stairs to class on the second floor. These examples are just a tiny drop of the ocean of memories the Seminary has provided over the years, and I treasure it.”

 – Donald Joshua, Chief Information Officer at Union