Union at a Glance

A Union education develops practices of mind and body that foster intellectual and academic excellence, social justice, and compassionate wisdom. Through courses taught by our award-winning faculty, Union continues its long-standing tradition of progressive theological education. 

Watch the videos below to get a glimpse at some of the course offerings available to Union students. 

Imagine No Religion: Theories and Genealogies of Religion with Dr. John J. Thatanamil
The Politics of Hope with Rev. Dr. Andrea White
Contemporary Antisemitism At the Intersection of Racism, Xenophobia, Islamophobia, and White Supremacy with Dr. Mary C. Boys
Perspectives on Culture and Race with Rev. Dr. Samuel Cruz
Dietrich Bonhoeffer and James Baldwin with Dr. Cornel West
Creating Rituals and Community: The Work of Mourning the Earth with Rev. Dr. Cláudio Carvalhaes
Latinx Religious Activism in the Twentieth Century with Dr. Jorge Rodríguez
Parables of Jesus in Agrarian Context with Dr. Aliou C. Niang
Social Ethics in the Making with Rev. Dr. Gary Dorrien
Preaching & Protest with Rev. Dr. Timothy Adkins-Jones
Trauma and Grace with Rev. Dr. Serene Jones
The Bible Beyond Humans: The Bible & Animal Others with Dr. David Carr
Professional Ethics for Chaplaincy and Ministry with Prof. Linda Golding
Queer Theology with Rev. Dr. Patrick Cheng
Beyond the Boundaries of the Bible with Dr. Jeremy Hultin

Watch the videos below to get a glimpse of what it’s like to get a Union education.

Field Education with Dean & Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Su Yon Pak
A Union Education with Visiting Assistant Professor of Theological Studies Director, Online & Part-Time Programs, Dr. Isaac Sharp