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Being Church in the time of COVID-19 is a new series hosted by Dean Kelly Brown Douglas in conversation with church, faith, and community leaders who are reacting and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. This series will bring attention to the underlying injustices, poverty, and racism that this crisis has exposed.

All conversations will take place live on the EDS at Union Facebook page (EST), and past conversations will be collected below. Please take a look at our calendar which lists upcoming conversations in this series.

COVID-19 and Prison Reform with Michelle Alexander
A Call to Justice with The Right Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde
The Racial Lines of COVID-19 with Eddie S. Glaude Jr.
Response to COVID-19 from the New York Diocese
Navajo Nation During COVID-19 with Bishop David Bailey and The Rev. Canon Cornelia Eaton
COVID-19 and the Environment with Karenna Gore
A Living Wage During COVID-19 with Saru Jayaraman
COVID-19 and the Religious Left with Jack Jenkins
The Homeless Community and COVID-19 with David Giffen
COVID-19 and U.S. Culture with Darnell Moore
The Church's Call During a Pandemic with The Rev. Canon Stephanie Spellers
COVID-19's Impact on the Poor with Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis
Mental Health and Safety During Isolation with Dr. Pamela Cooper-White
Transitioning to Virtual Worship with Dr. Sandra Montes
Leading Union through COVID-19 with Rev. Dr. Serene Jones
Coordinating Church Partners with Katie Mears
Responding to COVID-19 in Flint with The Rev. Dan Scheid
The Impact of COVID-19 on Immigrants and Asylum Seekers with Ali Noorani