COVID-19 Visitor Policy

COVID-19 Visitor Policy

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As of August 1, 2021, Union Theological Seminary will become a “vaccinated campus.” This policy is not a general deterrent to visitors and friends but a way to continue as a welcoming, hospitable campus for all who seek to enter. We recognize that, especially for alumni/ae and friends in the wider community, Union is a place they value as “home.” However, this temporary policy grows out of the reality that we are not only an educational institution with offices, classrooms, chapels, and gathering spaces. We are also a residential community where members live in close proximity to another, some in congregate living-spaces. Given the ongoing reality of COVID-19, we want to ensure wise measures are taken to support public health for our residences and for all community members who study and work here. We look forward to the day when such policies are no longer needed, and this beloved space can return to being the large, open home-space it has always been to so many.

In sum, this visitor policy is intended to promote a safe residential campus community for all those accessing our campus and participating in Union’s community life, programs and events. The provisions of this policy are subject to change based on changes to public health guidance.

This policy applies to:

  • Department-invited guests
  • Participants at Union-sponsored events
  • Participants at community-sponsored events/lectures
  • Prospective students visiting campus
  • Non-Union employee essential workers (e.g. repairs and maintenance)
  • Residence hall guests over the age of twelve-with exceptions for personal visitors-see below
  • Rentals and other use requests from community organizations, churches and businesses

 Contracted full-time essential workers in security and facilities are required to adhere to the Union employee policy



All visitors to Union must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination.  All visitors, regardless of vaccination status are expected to complete a Visitor Attestation and COVID-19 Acknowledgment Form at the reception desk upon arrival to campus.

Individual groups of invited guests are limited to 8 persons. Any other Union-sponsored or community-sponsored event of more than 8 persons must obtain special approval and may be subject to additional safety protocols based on the nature of the event and the number of participants. For more information, please contact Michael Orzechowski, Director of Housing and Campus Services at

Union’s masking policy, which previously required that masks be worn at all times, has been shifted tomasks welcomed” on our campus.  While masks are no longer required on campus, all visitors must respect offices with a “Wear Your Mask” sticker and in classrooms with Faculty members who request students to mask. 

It is the responsibility of the inviting department or event host to:

  • advise the guest of the visitor policy
  •  provide each approved visitor a confirmation email with date, time, and department contact for visit
  • provide the reception desk attendant with the name of each approved visitor on the morning of the visit by emailing security at

Procedures upon arrival to Union:

Upon arrival to the building, the reception attendant will review the daily visitor list and confirmation email for proof of appointment. Visitors are also required to:

  • present the reception desk attendant with a government-issued identification
  • present proof of COVID-19 vaccination
  • complete Visitor Attestation and COVID-19 Acknowledgment Form

Accepted forms of proof of vaccine/test are:

  •  Excelsior pass
  • CDC issued vaccine card
  • Photo of CDC issued vaccine card

Procedures for residence hall guests:

Residents must provide names of guests in advance to the Hastings or McGiffertreception desks, or be available to escort the guest from the lobby. All residence hall guests are required to complete the Visitor Attestation and COVID-19 Acknowledgment Form. Faculty, staff and student residents of McGiffert and Hastings are strongly encouraged to require all guests to be COVID-19 vaccinated.  Resident hosts are required to ensure that all guests wear a face mask and remain socially distanced in public hallways and restrooms. Unvaccinated guests are not permitted in the common kitchens or lounges.

Please respect the eight-person policy by refraining from having more than eight guests in a single residential space (dorm room, apartment or community space) at any one time. If you wish to request a special exception to this limit, please contact Michael Orzechowski at

Questions about the policy? Contact