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Expanding Access to Guns Disregards the Sanctity of Life

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While the nation reels from tragic mass shootings, the Supreme Court today struck down a New York law that required people to obtain a license and show “proper cause” to carry a firearm in public. The broad ruling opens the door to a wave of looser gun regulations. 

Rev. Serene Jones, the president of Union Theological Seminary – a globally-recognized graduate school of religion devoted to advancing social justice – issued the following statement in response.

“Today’s decision from the Supreme Court shows a sheer disregard for the sanctity of human life. Across the country, people have used guns to mercilessly murder children, parents, grandparents, and friends in mere minutes. Communities have been shattered by these acts of hatred. And no place – no grocery store, no school, no house of worship – is safe. 

“Our Bible calls on us to love and protect one another. We should be doing everything in our power to end the epidemic of gun violence. But instead, the Supreme Court is making it even easier for people to secure murderous weapons. 

“How many lives must be lost for leaders to protect people from gun violence? Unfortunately, I fear there may be no number high enough.”


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