2020 Orientation Team

2020 Orientation Team

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The Orientation Team works with the Dean of Student Affairs to acclimate students to the Union community. If you have any questions or concerns as you prepare for the upcoming school year, the Orientation Team is here to help!

Meet the incredible 2020 Orientation Team below. They can be reached at orientation@utsnyc.edu. Learn more about Orientation here, and review the action items for incoming and returning students.

Monique Fortuné

Monique Fortuné is a native New Yorker and third year Master of Divinity student. Monique’s concentration is Psychology and Religion. She continues to focus on advocating for those impacted by health disparities. She is a film and music enthusiast, poet and fitness adventurer.






James Adamns

James Admans is a third year Master of Divinity student with an interdisciplinary concentration in bible, social ethics, and preaching. James is working towards ordination in the United Church of Church and has an interest in developing pastoral approaches for creating spiritual community and engaging in the work of love and justice. They believe that God calls us to work towards collective liberation and that the love of God is an experience open to everyone who seeks to find it, especially queer and trans folks. James enjoys acrylic painting, caring for their numerous houseplants, and spending time with friends.





Brandon Roiger

Brandon Roiger (he/him) is a second-year M.A. student in psychology and religion and originally from rural, southwestern Minnesota. After graduation, he hopes to pursue more education as a school psychologist and work with young people. Brandon enjoys running, playing volleyball and being outdoors near water.