Office of the Registrar

Course Registration & Grades

Registration Periods

Summer 2023 opens Monday, February 27 and closes Friday, April 14.

Fall 2023 opens on Monday, April 24 and closes Monday, September 11.

January 2024 opens Wednesday, November 15 and closes Monday, December 11.

Spring 2024 opens Wednesday, November 15 and closes Sunday, February 4.

Last day to withdraw from a Fall 2023 course with a “W” grade is Monday, October 30.

Add/Drop for Non-Semester-Long Courses:

  • Summer / January / Weekend Courses: Students can drop a course after attending one class session, except for summer language intensives. A grade of “W” is issued if a course is dropped after two class sessions.
  • Language Intensives – OT/NT 111 and OT/NT 204: Students can drop these language intensives after three class sessions. A grade of “W” is issued if a language intensive is dropped after four class sessions.
  • Weekend (not weekly) SU 150 & SU 190 courses: Dropped without a “W” grade if add/drop form submitted before the class meets.

Registration Methods:

Use SONIS student portal to register for Fall and Spring courses.

Use the Add/Drop Form below for the following:

  • After the online course registration period closes
  • To drop a course with a grade of “W”

Course Schedules:

Fall 2023

Weekend SU Intensives – Fall 2023

January 2024

Spring 2024

Weekend SU Intensives – Spring 2024

Summer 2024


View this page for instructions, details and policy about registering for courses at other schools. The Cross-Registration Form is also accessible via this webpage.

Registration-Related Webforms

Use the following forms to submit information to the Office of the Registrar. Additional information is found on each form. Please read the instructions carefully as each form operates differently based on the submission instructions and approvals required.

View Final Grades

At the end of each semester, students use Student Services Online (SSO) to view final grades. Here are instructions for how to access grades with SSO: How to View Final Grades.

Students should upload their Grade Report into their ePortfolio immediately following each semester; this version of the transcript is only available on SSO/NetClassroom with one semester of courses and narrative evaluations. Email the registrar for a full copy of the Report Card.

Request an Extension 

Complete this form by December 15th to request an extension for Fall 2023 coursework.