Office of the Registrar

Course Registration

Use Student Services Online (SSO) to register for Fall and Spring courses.

Use the Add/Drop Form below to register for:

  • January and Summer courses
  • SU 125 and SU 190 intensive courses that meet on the weekends
  • Courses when the registration period closes

Registration for January 2018 intersession is from November 14 – January 2.
Registration for Spring 2018 semester is from November 14 – February 7.

At the end of each semester, use SSO to access final grades.

Here are instructions for how to navigate SSO: How to Register for Courses and View Final Grades.

Course Schedules

Fall 2017

January 2018 Intersession

Spring 2018 – PDF of weekly/regularly scheduled & online/off-site

SU Weekend CoursesSpring 2018*

SU 125 - MR2February 23, 11:00-6:00February 24, 11:00-6:00205
SU 190 - KA1February 2, 1:00-6:00February 3, 9:00-5:00207
SU 190 - RH2March 2, 1:00-6:00March 3, 9:00-5:00205
SU 190 - MM1March 23, 1:00-6:00March 24, 9:00-5:00205
SU 190 - RH3April 6, 1:00-6:00April 7, 9:00-5:00205
SU 190 - ES1April 13, 1:00-6:00April 14, 9:00-5:00205
SU 190 - MD1April 20, 1:00-6:00April 21, 9:00-5:00205
*SU course schedule is subject to change


Changes to Spring 2018 since Catalog Publication:

  • CH 254: A Summer 2018 offering not in the Spring 2018 term
  • CI 273: History, Polity and ‘Churchstyle’ of Evangelical Lutheran Church
  • IE/OT 222: Prerequisite is BX 101 or OT 101
  • IE 317: Contemporary Spirituality of Life in Asia, Africa and Latin America
  • IE 318: Diseases and Healing in Religious Traditions of Asia
  • IE 342: Meets Thursday mornings
  • NT 220E: Prerequisite is BX 101 or NT 101
  • OT 360E: Prerequisite is BX 101 or OT 101
  • PS 438: Restricted to Doctor of Ministry students
  • ST 312: Also offered as CH 312

Registration-Related Webforms

Use the following forms to submit information to the Office of the Registrar. Additional information is found on each form. Please read the instructions carefully as each form operates differently based on the submission instructions and approvals required.

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Class Rosters

View rosters frequently at the start of the semester through the add/drop period.

Roster-Attendance Report

Use this form to report discrepancies between your FAWeb roster and class attendance. Reports will be reviewed by the Registrar to ensure that class rosters are correct. Please note that only students listed in FAWeb are enrolled in Blackbaud SIS.

Final Grading

View the academic calendar for grading deadlines. Instructions for entering final grades are available here.

Advising Note for Registration

After meeting with advisees in the Fall and once permission to register is given, follow these instructions so that the Registrar can remove the hold preventing first-year students from registering for Spring courses.