Master of Divinity & Social Work Dual Degree Program

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This joint program offered by Union Theological Seminary, in partnership with Columbia University (M.Div./M.S.S.W) or Hunter College (M.Div./MSW), provides students with an integrated understanding of spiritual and social contexts. The two unique degree options draw upon the entwined histories of social justice and community empowerment. The program prepares professionals to assure the health and well-being of populations while understanding and mobilizing spiritual as significant resources.

The intersection of religion and spirituality is integral in many lives, and our program prepares individuals to serve various communities through a deep understanding of social systems and interlocking structures of oppression. Graduates of the Master of Divinity & Social Work Dual Degree Program will find themselves prepared to serve in roles such as:

  • Chaplaincy (Hospital, Prison, Higher Education, Military, etc.)

  • Clinical Social Worker (Individual, Family, Small Groups)

  • Pastoral Psychotherapist

  • Substance Abuse Counselor

  • Program Coordinator

  • Community Organizer

The program requires 105 credits over four to five years:

  • Foundational coursework in five fields of study: Bible/Sacred Text, Church History, Theology/ Ethics, Practical Theology, and  Interreligious Engagement
  • Methodologies in social work frameworks and anti-oppressive approaches through a year-long Practice Lab
  • Integrative social work focused field education program

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In partnership with Columbia University

Master of Divinity/Master of Science in Social Work (M.Div./M.S.S.W): This program is designed for those who plan to seek vocations within traditional religious ministries, or for those considering careers in the helping professions. Candidates can complete requirements for both degrees in one four-year program, and are required to apply and gain admission to both Union and Columbia’s School of Social Work. Applications can be made concurrently, or application to Columbia can be made after admission to the M.Div. program.

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In partnership with Hunter College

Master of Divinity/Master in Social Work and Divinity (M.Div./MSW): Students who graduate this program, will be highly prepared for professional practice that integrates spirituality with clinical social work and social welfare. This streamlined curriculum removes overlapping course requirements; cross-honors electives; and ensures that students achieve competencies required among both MSW and MDiv graduates.

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