Tuition & Fees

2018 – 2019 Academic Year


Application and Admissions Fees
Application Fee $75
Tuition Deposit Fee$250
Academic Fees
Regular Tuition Fees for PhD Students$35,135
Regular Tuition Fees for First-Degree Students and Master of Sacred Theology Students$23,670
Regular Tuition fees for D.Min.$705/Credit*
Change of Degree Fee$50
General Auditor Fee, per course$600
Alumni/ae Auditor Fee$0 for first class, $150 therafter per course
Transcript Fee Current Students$7
Transcript Fee Alumni/ae$7
Extended Residence Fee$2,000 for first after full-time tuition obligation is met
Matriculation & Facilities Fee$2,000 for all subsequent
Late Registration Fee$50
Degree Fee (one time fee)$100
Dissertation Deposit Fee$200
Field Education Internship Fee$500
Visiting Scholar Fee$600
Withdrawal Fee$50
*This is the per credit fee for 18 credits in the first year of the D.Min. program with modest increases in tuition possible for year 2 and 3. Students are not charged additional fees for identity verification in distance education programs.
Housing Fees
Housing Application Fee$50
Housing & Key Deposit Fee $915
Single Room, Monthly Rent$834/mo
Large Single Room Monthly Rent$1,000/mo
Studio Monthly Rent$1,380/mo
Large Studio Monthly Rent$1,520/mo
1 Bedroom Monthly Rent$1,941/mo
2 Bedroom Monthly Rent $2,175/mo
Student Fees
Housing Budget for on-campus residents$8,700/academic year
Housing Budget for off-campus residents$9,900/academic year
Student ID Fee$25
Billing Installment Fee$50
Degree Printing Fee$40
Meal Plan$150/semester for full-time students
Meal Plan $75/semester for half-time students
SEVIS Fee$200
Late Payment Fee$50
Returned Check Fee$20
* Student Activities Fee $100/ semester
** Columbia Health Program Fee $1,082
* The Student Activities Fee is mandatory for all Union students.
**The Columbia Health Service Fee is mandatory for all full-time and residential students regardless of insurance coverage. You pay the Columbia Health Service Fee to the Seminary (except that candidates for Columbia University degrees pay such fee directly to Columbia University).

After August 31, 2014, Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Coverage will be considered proof of comparable health insurance coverage for purposes of waiver of the Affiliate Student Medical Insurance Premium, effective September 1, 2014.  However, you will still be required to pay the Columbia Health Program Fee. For questions about the Columbia Health Service Fee, or Affiliate Medical Insurance Premium (including information about proof of comparable health insurance coverage) please visit the Health Insurance Information and Application page, or contact the Office of Student Affairs at (212) 280-1396

Detailed Tuition Prices
Candidates for the M.Div., M.A., & S.T.M.
Annual tuition for full-time program$23,670
Payable each semester in Tuition Units
Full Unit (for 7 to 15 credits) $11,835
Half Unit (for up to 6 credits)$5,920
Tuition per Curriculum Credit$ 1,320
Extended Residence Fee$3,000
Matriculation and Facilities Fee$2,000

Union reduces tuition for those degree candidates who have completed the residency or tuition-unit requirements for their program without having completed the academic requirements.

  • Extended Residence – In the semester immediately following the satisfaction of residency or tuition obligations, the candidate must register for Extended Residence (UT400). The candidate must also register for courses or other necessary work and, insofar as possible, complete all degree requirements that remain outstanding. With the Dean’s approval, the student’s schedule may include courses beyond those required for the degree. However, courses at other institutions are not covered by the Extended Residence Fee.
  • Matriculation and Facilities – For candidates who have been enrolled for one semester of Extended Residence (See UT400) but still have not completed the degree requirement must register for Matriculation and Facilities (UT410). This fee permits a candidate to pursue any academic work necessary to fulfill outstanding degree requirements. The Matriculation and Facilities Fee is waived for doctoral students during the semester in which the dissertation is defended.