Field Education

Hybrid Field Education – Clinical Pastoral Education (FE-CPE) Program

The Hybrid Field Education – Clinical Pastoral Education (FE-CPE) Program at Union Theological Seminary provides participating M.Div. students with the opportunity to do their clinical hours in field sites other than in healthcare settings. This is a rigorous program, accredited by ACPE, and supervised by an accredited ACPE Certified Educator. This program is fully integrated into the FE courses. PS 110 is a prerequisite for this program.

Each year, eight (8) M.Div. students enrolled in Field Education coursework are chosen to participate in the FE-CPE. At the successful completion of the program, students receive both 6 Field Education credits and one unit of CPE.

Applications for FE-CPE are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Helpful information in applying for the program:

You are encouraged to do both 1 & 2 at the same time.

  1. Seek a field placement that allows you regular contact with people. Do not seek a placement where you work alone or have primarily administrative duties. The placement can be at any type of site – church, not-for-profit, healthcare, etc., just as it would if you were seeking a site without the Hybrid program.
  2. Apply to the Hybrid FE-CPE program.
  3. If you are accepted as one of the 8 students in the program, you will attend the Monday evening section of FE 103 & FE 104, along with the other students in Field Ed. The Hybrid FE-CPE program only meets on Monday evenings. Each week, you will meet as a FE-CPE hybrid cohort with the ACPE Certified Educator. The program will require additional paperwork and occasional meetings outside of class, just as it would if you took CPE independently.

Meet the Hybrid FE-CPE Program Supervisor

The Rev. Joseph M. Collazo Jr. is a chaplain at NewYork-Presbyterian Allen Hospital. He was ordained in the Presbyterian Church USA. Rev. Collazo received his bachelor’s degrees in Applied Sciences, and in Religious Studies., with a concentration in Philosophy & Theology. He received a Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary. He is board certified by the Association of Professional Chaplains (APC/BCCI) and is an A.C.P.E. Associate Certified Educator.

He has memberships in The International Thomas Merton Society, the Association of Latino/Hispanic Seminarians of Princeton Theological Seminary, and the Seminary Council of Institutional Diversity of Princeton Theological Seminary. His interests include the Special Olympics, working with and within the undocumented immigrant populations, and working with and supporting military veterans. He is currently a board member of Covenant Architects, a Christian-based youth and young adult ministry.