Clinical Pastoral Care Opportunities

Academic Credit for CPE:

When the student is accepted into a program, attach a copy of the prospective on-site supervisor’s acceptance letter or email to the Request for Academic Credit for CPE form and deliver the documents to Dr. Pak.
To download the REQUEST FOR ACADEMIC CREDIT form go to the following link: Academic Credit Request Form for CPE
This form must be submitted to the Field Ed Office prior to the CPE course.
At the end of the CPE course, the student must submit a copy of their completion letter or CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION to the Field Ed Office.
Students enrolled in an extended CPE program should have their on-site supervisor send a brief interim report to Dr. Pak during the month of January.
Union gives up to 6 academic credits towards one unit of CPE with prior approval of Prof. Su Yon Pak and with the completion of the prerequisite, PS 110. Afterwards, students can continue to do CPE without academic credit.
For further details about the possibility of meeting field education requirement through CPE, see the entries for FE/PS 363-364 or FE/PS 366Q in the Course Catalog.

CPE Resources

Directory of accredited CPE centers is available at:
ACPE Directory of Accredited Centers

Further links to CPE opportunities:
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Center for Pastoral Education at Jewish Theological Seminary

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