Sep 28 @ 5:00 pm A Species Between Worlds
What are the social, ethical, and religious implications of artificial intelligence for the environment and the climate crisis? How can faith leaders apply their ethical insights of religious traditions to understand the nature, possibilities, and
Oct 4 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm Zoom Webinar
EDS at Union has selected The Power Worshippers: Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism by Katherine Stewart as our Fall 2022 Community Read. In this revelatory investigation of the Religious Right’s rise to political
Oct 7 – Oct 8 all-day Online - Zoom
Dates/Times: October 7 (1-6pm) and October 8 (9am-5pm) Location: Online Instructor: Kelly Brown Douglas Registration Deadline – Friday, September 24 How do you speak of the justice of God amidst unjust human suffering and oppression? This
Oct 12 @ 2:00 pm – 4:25 pm Union Theological Seminary
“Clearly, Gerima intends for Sankofa to expand the boundaries of Black representation in ways that include more diverse, realistic, and empowering images and, in turn, enable Black audiences to see themselves in new ways that are divorced
Oct 14 – Oct 15 all-day Online Course
Date/Times: October 14 (3-8pm) and October 15 (10am-6pm) Location: Online Instructor: Mona Siddiqui Registration Deadline: Friday, September 30 Struggle is both a personal and universal reality of human life and always present in theological, philosophical
Oct 21 – Oct 22 all-day Union Theological Seminary
Dates/Times: October 21 (1-6pm) and October 22 (9am-5pm) Location: In Person – Union Theological Seminary Instructor: Ben Connelly Registration Deadline: Friday, October 7 How can we harness imagination in traditions that radically emphasize present moment
Nov 4 – Nov 5 all-day in Person - Union Theological Seminary
Dates/Times: November 4 (1-6pm) and November 5 (9am-5pm) Location: In Person Instructor: Donna Schaper Registration Deadline: Friday, October 7 Before COVID-19, there was another pandemic. It was much slower moving and it involved bricks and
Nov 4 – Nov 5 all-day Online Course
Dates/Times: November 4 (1-6pm) and November 5 (9am-5pm) Location: Online Instructor: Sarah Monroe Registration Deadline: Friday, October 21 As the religious landscape in the United States shifts with growing speed, chaplaincy has grown in importance
Feb 10 – Feb 11 all-day in Person - Union Theological Seminary
Dates/Times: February 10 (1-6pm) and February 11 (9am-5pm) Location: In person at Union Theological Seminary Instructor: Karen G. Williams Registration Deadline: Sunday, January 29 In the wake of protests confronting racial injustice and anti-Black racism in
Feb 24 – Feb 25 all-day Online Course
Dates/Times: February 24 (3-8pm) and February 25 (9am-5pm) Location: Online Course Instructor: Maryam Sharrieff Registration Deadline: Sunday, February 12 This course covers death and dying from an Islamic perspective, focusing on how to care for
Mar 3 – Mar 4 all-day in Person - Union Theological Seminary
Dates/Times: Friday, March 3 (1-6pm) and Friday, March 4 (9am-5pm) Location: In Person Instructor: Rebecca Li Registration Deadline: Sunday, February 19 Are we aware that we may be perpetuating group dynamics that cause suffering to ourselves
Mar 24 – Mar 25 all-day Online Course
Dates/Times: March 24 (1-6pm) and March 25 (9am-5pm) Location: Online Course Instructor: Lea F. Schweitz Registration Deadline: Sunday, March 12 Each of us are rooted in landscapes that have shaped us spiritually and theologically, but many
Apr 14 – Apr 15 all-day Online Course
Dates/Times: April 14 (1-6pm) and April 15 (9am-5pm) Location: Online Instructors: Kelly Brown Douglas, Karenna Gore, Liz Theoharis Registration Deadline: Sunday, April 2 This course critically explores the biblical and theological traditions that have helped to cause economic and
Apr 21 – Apr 22 all-day in Person - Union Theological Seminary
Dates/Times: Friday, April 21 (1-6pm) and Saturday, April 22 (10am-6pm) Location: Online Instructor: Tara Bedeau Registration Deadline: Sunday, April 9 All our work in organizations is grounded in an operational structure. This course focuses on the